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At CrystalCommerce, we value people. We pride ourselves in creating opportunities for people with the drive to constantly push towards excellence. If you think you have what it takes, drop us a line!

The Engineering Team

Our engineers make our software the best in the Hobby Game Industry. Candidates must be self-motivated team players who thrive in fast-paced environments and love working towards making products better every day. We need devs with a strong background in Ruby and Javascript.

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The Design Team

Our designers work with retailers to create some of the best looking sites in the industry. Retailers are guided through the entire process by our designers to be sure we capture their store’s brand in their digital store-front.

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The Finance Team

Our finance team is the most popular team in the building, since they cut everyone’s paycheck! This team ensures our finances are in order, our bills are paid and helps with future financial projections. Must love numbers.

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The Client Experience Team

Our client experience team interacts directly with our clients. They work with every internal team to provide the most recent information going on both inside and outside the company. We need self-motivated individuals with great people skills to join us on this crucial team.

The Sales Team

The Sales team works consultatively with clients to discover their individual business needs and solve them with our product offerings. With the help of customers, they also define new product opportunities for the company. We need people for this team who are outside-of-the-box thinkers to get our clients what they need.

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The Marketing Team

The Marketing team works on communications for our current and potential customers. These range from upcoming products to our suite of industry leading solutions. They work hand-in-hand with the Sales and Customer Experience Teams to make sure our communications are effective company-wide.

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The Operations Team

Our Operations Team keeps our train running smoothly. This team handles a variety of tasks, from project management to human resources and overall operational efficiency of the company. This team needs strong leaders who can jump into any situation and keep it on track.

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