How to Spy on Your Competition Online Game Store

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Traffic to your online games store.

Even before opening up an online game store, you should answer this critical question: “How am I going to drive traffic to the site?!”. You might be surprised, but this is pretty common mistake entrepreneurs do. They open up an online store, make a beautiful design upload all the products and waiting for the customers to roll in. You don’t want to do that; you are way smarter.

Do the digital marketing research first. I.e., find out how your competition is driving traffic to their stores. You can look up almost anything. Let’s take GameStop as an example. Tools like SimilarWeb allows pulling some insights on where their traffic is coming from. Take a look:

22 million website visitors a month (on average). Not too bad. Let’s see where are they coming from.

80% of visitors are from the US, and the rest split among the other countries. We can dig dipper and see their traffic sources analysis.

How to Analyze Traffic Sources?

42% of visitors go straight to the 45% of visitors researched before they went to the site. Which means you can potentially intercept those users who are doing a google search. How? Well, it requires more thorough research, but if you know keywords and phrases(which you can find) people used to find specific video games, you can start doing AdWords or Bing ads and redirect those users to your site. Also, since 45% of users(which is 9.9 million people) is search traffic, you should develop SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategy to be able to rank your online store higher so those users can see you during their research.

Social Media Traffic.

Were you curious what social media platforms GameStop target audience is using? I certainly was! The number one is Reddit with 37%, followed by YouTube and Facebook. How can you use this intelligence? You will need to create your brand presence on Reddit; you can launch ads on Reddit as well. Also, you definitely will need to create a YouTube channel with a quality video content. And don’t forget about Facebook page and Facebook ads.

Keep in mind that we’ve been using the Free version of Similar Web. The Premium version will show you much more though.

Discovering Keywords.

Do you remember that 45 % of GameStop visitors who have been searching Google, Bing or Yahoo before they landed on So, as I’ve mentioned if you know what keywords or phrases they’ve been using you can intercept them via search/contextual ads(AdWords, Bing Ads).

But how can you discover those keywords? There are plenty of tools for spying on your competition’s keywords. For this example, we will be using SpyFu. At this point, our guide is getting a little bit more technical but bear with me. I will try to simplify things for you.

On the screenshot above you can see general overview. It tells us that 98% of their traffic is organic which means it’s free. However, they do AdWords ads, and the estimated monthly budget is around $10.9k. Let’s move on.

Here you can see their competition (yes, we’re still talking about keywords).

On the screenshot above you can see their top keywords, paid and organic. But here is the best part! You can spy on their ads too! You can look up their ads copy when they did launch them, etc.

Why is it so exciting? Well, big companies spending thousands and thousands of dollars to figure out what works and what not. Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS) cannot afford that! However, you can use guerilla tactics and gather all that info! And it is laying out there waiting for you! As with SimilarWeb, we’ve been using Free SpyFu version. The premium version will allow you to see all the keywords insights.

I know that all that information(SEO, keywords, paid ads, and so on) can hard to grasp initially, but if you want to sell games online and be profitable, you will need to educate yourself or hire a professional.

If you want to learn more about Digital Marketing and Traffic Generation, check out Resources page.


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