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August 17, 2018 – Video update [Watch Now]
September 13, 2018 – Article update

We wanted to give you an update on our progress toward our roadmap and give some insight into how things are going.

1. We have begun our upgrade to infrastructure, moving the first wave of databases over with success. During this process, we are identifying opportunity within the code for simplification and performance improvements. We have been able to do so and have a solid plan on more items that will impact performance across your website, Admin, and POS.

2. We have implemented a fix for the advanced search on the products page of the Admin, fixing the results that are shown in searches for QTY sold over X period of time.

3. We have also been working on an eBay fix that is causing some Members to relist products that were sold and out of inventory. We are currently testing this further, to ensure we get the desired fix when implementing.

4. After auditing our billing system, we have found that it has been miscalculating transaction fees for orders that have a shipping coupon. We do not calculate the shipping cost of an order when it comes to our transaction fees, but shipping coupons were still deducted from the order subtotal when the system would run transaction fees for orders.

Important notes: If you do not use shipping coupons on your e-commerce website, this update will not affect your weekly transaction fees. However, if you have been using shipping coupons on your e-commerce website, you may notice a slight increase in your weekly transaction fees after a fix for this bug is implemented. To clarify, we have no intentions to invoice any users for previous transaction fees affected by this bug, and this will not affect transaction fees for orders that originate from a 3rd party channel.

#1 Testing Suite Update

It’s very important for us to have an updated testing suite to help catch any issues within the code we deploy. This will help prevent any downtime from future developments

ETA: August 14, 2018

#2 Tax Exempt Issues

Many products sold through the CrystalCommerce software are required by law to be tax exempt.

ETA: August 14, 2018

#3 Endicia Refunding Issues

Currently, all users are unable to refund Endicia labels via the Admin. This update will return this function back to our software.

ETA: August 14, 2018

#4 Product Search Improvement

To help create a better shopping experience for customers, we are launching an improvement to our search queries that are expected to decrease the load time significantly.

ETA: August 15, 2018

#5 P.O.S In-Checkout Display

When making an order in P.O.S, if a user refreshes or navigates away from that page, an in-checkout order is created that is holding the inventory. The P.O.S. in-checkout display will make it easier for a user to acknowledge and access a P.O.S. in-checkout order.

ETA: August 16, 2018

#6 Dedicated P.O.S Servers

This will assist with slowness in the P.O.S by having servers dedicated to P.O.S transactions that won’t complete with other jobs.

ETA: August 16, 2018

#7 eBay QTY updates/relisting

We have received many reports of eBay listings reappearing after a product is sold out. It’s imperative that we only sync and display the correct products with inventory to any 3rd party marketplace/integration to ensure that seller’s rating are never affected by our software

ETA: End of August

#8 Updated Dashboard/Admin Interface

While Admin2 beta has been accessible in your Dashboard, we are nearing the completion of the updated interface. We will be switching to the new Dashboard as the native interface, but keeping an open access to the old Dashboard interface. As a disclaimer, future development of the Dashboard will be the new interface in mind, and newer features may not be accessible in the old Dashboard interface.

ETA: End of September

#9 Transitioning to AWS

  • Leveraging AWS Services & Tools
  • Dynamic Resource Management
  • Faster Product Development
  • Uptime Improvement
  • TurnKey SSL Certificates

ETA: Early Q4 2018

#10 Simplified Checkout Improvement

Currently, our checkout consists of four steps that require the system to check if the cart has changed during each step. This improvement will remove the ability to adjust the quantity on the checkout page, but improve the stability and speed of the checkout process for your customers.

ETA: December 2018

#11 P.O.S On-hold Orders going to In-Checkout

We understand this is a very concerning issue due to how it affects your digital inventory and your customer’s experience shopping at your store. This issue will be addressed as soon as resources are available.


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      Hi, Lesley! How are you? Thanks for your comment.

      We do not have an ETA for international integrations for Amazon or eBay, however, it is something we are planning to accomplish down the road. Currently, our goal is to improve the performance and stability of all current features we support.

      We’ll keep all our members posted on our progress.

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