Throne of Eldraine, the next Magic set coming this Fall!

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Wizards of the Coast have revealed that Throne of Eldraine will be the next set to be released this Fall! (ETA: October 4th 2019).

This set will have a ‘fairy tale‘ type theme to it, updated card borders (seen in the Mythic Editions and Ultimate Masters) and a brand new mechanic!

Introducing Collector Boosters! special packs specifically designed for (you’ve guessed it) collectors! (these will be a limited print run with an est price $20-25).

Throne of Eldraine will also have four Brawl Decks, 60-card decks for use in the Brawl format.

Promo Packs will continue their appearance similar to Core Set 2020.

Prerelease expected around 28th-29th September, with the set releasing on October 4th 2019.

We’re making a blog post Fairy early here, and as such, you’ll be able to find the Sealed Products for import in our catalog, right now!

Product images and singles will be updated/added in the weeks leading up to release.

Have a great Sunday all and happy gaming!

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