Introducing the newest Game & Hobby Marketplaces

The new source of Game and Hobby Retailers referred sales and faster payouts!

Game and Hobby Marketplaces Releases this Summer 2017

Game and Hobby Marketplaces

The Game and Hobby Marketplaces is a new source to send to our Game and Hobby Retailers referred sales. It will be supporting a wider range of Game and Hobby products, giving Retailers a new channel to sell games that they have never had before. The marketplace will be supporting faster payouts because you are getting paid directly and don’t have to wait to get paid out as you do on Amazon or TCGplayer.

Other cool features are

  • Highlight Local Game Stores for in-store pickup
  • Promoting Game and Hobby Fans to walk directly into Local Game Stores
  • Push preorders and presales of products to help Retailers with better cash flow


Game and Hobby Store Locator

  • Find out what's nearby Game and Hobby store
  • See which Local Game Stores carry the games they want most
  • Get a notion of what amenities the Local Game Stores around them are equipped for.
  • Sort store results relative to location
  • Filter by peer ratings of each store.
Always In Stock and Network Agreements

Single Product - Local First Landing Page

If a customer's choice game is sold nearby, the product locator will show them who has it, how close by they are, and how much it retails for.

Just like the store locator you can filter and sort by some factors like ratings, distance, price, etc. And if the store offers it, the customer can place their order online, reserving the item, before going there to pick it up.

Always In Stock and Network Agreements

Marketplace Checkout

  • Local options for in-store pickup (if nearby the account's shipping address)
  • Visibility of order batches from multiple retailers
  • Coupon/discount integrations for promotions
  • Gift Packaging option for participating vendors
Always In Stock and Network Agreements