Magic: the Gathering







Most Played Cards
Card Name Decks
Mox Sapphire 88 %
Black Lotus 88 %
Mox Emerald 82 %
Mox Ruby 76 %
Mox Jet 73 %
Mox Pearl 68 %
Ancestral Recall 66 %
Time Walk 63 %
Force of Will 60 %
Strip Mine 55 %
Most Played Cards 10 Cards

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Local Store Tournaments
Location Event Store
Nationwide CFB Events ChannelFireball
Montreal, CA Montreal Tournaments FacetoFaceGames
Toronto, CA Toronto Tournaments FacetoFaceGames
Honolulu, HI ToyLynx Ideal808
Lenexa, KS Upcoming Events Collector’s Cache
Winnipeg, MB Weekly Events Fusion Gaming Online
Milton, GA Super Games Super Games Inc
Vancouver, WA Weekly Events CCG House
Vancouver, BC Weekly Events Magic Strong Hold
Nationwide ARG Circuit Series Alter Reality Games
Pawtucket, RI Standard Showdown Untapped Games
Brunswick, CA Mocnton MTG Events Comic Hunter
Scarborough, ON MTG Events Dolly’s
Abbotsford, BC Weekly Events House of Cards
Sherwood Park, AB, CA Magic Open House Aether Vault Games
Wilmington, DE Special Events Alternate U
Fon Du Lac, WI Weekly Events Atlas Gaming Card
Buckinghamshire, UK MEGA Weekly Events Axion Now
Highland Heights, KY MTG Weekly Bad Monsters Games
Greenville, NC MTG Weekly Blue Ox Games
Burlington, VT MTG Weekly Braps Magic
San Diego, CA MTG Play Brute Force MTG
Westmont, NJ Vintage Championship Card Titan
Augusta, GA MTG Weekly Cardboard Castle Games
Montreal, CA Casual Magic Carta Magica
Sacramento, CA Standard, Modern, & FNM Competitive Card Shack
Chandler, AZ DSC Chandler Events Desert Sky Games
Las Vegas, NV Weekly Events Wii Play Games
Vintage Championship North America by Card Titans
Major Events
Country of Origin Event Store
Canada Circuit: Tournament Series FacetoFaceGames
USA MTG Grand Prix ChannelFireball
Metagame Breakdown
Aggro 43% Decks
MUD 16 %
Survival Aggro 10 %
Eldrazi Aggro 6 %
BUG Midrange 5 %
UR Aggro 4 %
Shop: Aggro
MUD 75 Cards

Control 24% Decks
Snapcaster Control 7 %
Oaths of Druids 6 %
Landstill 3 %
Planeswalker Control 3 %
Thieves 2 %
Shop: Control
Snapcaster Control 75 Cards

Combo 33% Decks
Paradoxical Storm 19 %
Dredge 10 %
Storm 2 %
Dark Depths 1 %
Shop: Combo
Paradoxical Storm 75 Cards

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