Omni-Channel Sales Integration


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Omni-Channel Sales Integration

Integration of your CrystalCommerce store to major marketplaces— Amazon, eBay and TCG Player.  Sell the same inventory at the same time on major online shopping channels. Put your products in front of over 8 million+ Game and Hobby fans worldwide!

  • Maximize Cross-Channel Sales
  • Reduce Chances of Oversell
  • Increase Product Visibility

Setting up an online store and then waiting for the money to roll in simply won’t work like you think. Omni-channel selling is about being proactive in getting in front of customers when and where they’re likely to make a purchase. If you want that money, then like sales pros of old, you’d better be willing to go where the customer is.*

*Source: Omni-Channel Retail Report

CrystalCommerce Members Gross Revenue per Channel for 2016

$59 Million
$10 Million
$23 Million
$76 Million

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