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Built from scratch

When we started planning the CrystalCommerce POS V4, it was clear that we needed to start from scratch – our vision for a reliable, revolutionary POS, tailored specifically to the Game & Hobby industry, demanded it.

Built with CrystalAPI

Building a new POS, from the ground up, wasn’t enough for us. We wanted more features and more capabilities. The obvious solution was our new, powerful CrystalAPI, which, among many of its benefits, allows us to bring marketplace-like functionality to brick and mortar stores.

New Features

Always in Stock and Network Agreements

Imagine a world where you almost never have to turn a customer away, due to being out of stock on an item. Believe it or not, that dream is close to reality, and it’s a feature we call “Always in Stock.”

Always in Stock or AIS, for short, relies on the “Ally Network,” which is basically a group of CrystalCommerce members who have signed “Network Agreements” with each other. Any member can opt into an agreement, with any other member, and the agreements will be very customizable.

When you have your own Ally Network, you can sell products that you don’t currently have in stock, by sourcing them from an Ally that does have them in stock, while the customer is still standing in front of you. The product can then be shipped directly to the customer, or delivered to the store for them to pick up.

Buy It Right

Buy it Right is a new tool, built into the POS, which aims to provide as much information as possible about a product’s pricing, so you can make informed decisions about your buy offers.

When viewing a product in the POS, you can easily bring up the “Buy it Right” screen. This view will provide you with detailed statistics on this product, and its current market value on our network, TCG Player, Amazon, and eBay.

A suggested Buy Price will also be shown, which can be customized to show a percentage, higher or lower, depending on your preferences.

Now, you can confidently make an informed buying decision, in real time, with a customer, whether it’s a product you carry, or something you’ve never even seen before.

Detailed Session History

Nearly every action taken during a POS session is logged, so you can conveniently refer back to errors, warnings, notices, and more.

New Design

Improved layout with less clutter

Enjoy a more streamlined experience, and focus on your most important and common tasks, with minimal visual distraction. Only see what you need to see, when you need to see it.

Cleaner visual design, with less frills

The refined, clean design is more modern, pleasant, and easier to mentally process.

Lighter overall interface and colors

The new interface colors are easier on the eyes, so you can focus on your tasks, without distracting contrast and bold colors.

Collapsible side-navigation

The side navigation can expand and collapse with just a click, making it quick and easy to get where you need to go, while maximizing screen real estate, when it isn’t needed.

More space for important things

Things like the cart, and customer info, each have their own screen. Now you have more space to view, and interact with, those sections. Plus, they are now accessed through the collapsible side-navigation, so you can say goodbye to the cart and customer tabs cluttering up the main screen.

Better Experience

More friendly design for touch screens

We’ve increased the size of most buttons, and other interactive elements, so you can easily tap them on touchscreen devices. There’s more white-space between elements, as well, so you can work faster, with less errors.

Better user experience with interactive elements and functionality

We thought, and rethought, our approach to all of the interactions and functions in POS V4. As a result, completing tasks is more intuitive, and more touch elements are incorporated.

Error messages which are clear and direct

Gone will be the days of receiving confusing error messages. Now, you can understand exactly what went wrong, and if you can’t fix it yourself, you’ll know exactly what to say to our support team. Additionally, error messages will be listed in the session history, making it easy to refer back to them.

Improved help functionality

Get tips, and info, for more elements in the POS, with tooltips, and strategically placed “help bubbles.” You’ll also benefit from a more robust Help Menu, with system status indicators, and clear options to contact our support team.

Dashboard with quick nav buttons

Save time, and expedite transactions, by quickly starting common tasks, or navigate to key areas in the app, from large buttons on the main dashboard. In future versions of the system, you’ll have access to customizable dashboard buttons and data widgets.

Other Improvements


Quickly, and easily, process payments using the much more intuitive interface, and touch-friendly interactive elements. Split payments will be a breeze, too.


Creating discounts for line items, and for the entire order, will be fast, easy, and clear. A required comment for each discount will also make it easier to manage price adjustments.

Order details

The order details section is now expanded, and always visible, in the order panel sidebar. At a glance, at any point in the order, you can see the subtotal, line item discounts, order discounts, tax, and total.

Better experience after a sale is completed

When an order is completed, you can easily choose from recommended actions to take, such as receipt options, creating a sale order or a buy order, or going to the dashboard. Speed up your workflow, and provide a fast, pleasant experience for your customers.

New product view with enlarged image

In addition to list and grid views, you now have access to a pop-up view, with a much larger product image. Get a closer look at the product, and be sure it’s the one you want. You can even move to the previous and next product, within this view, with the touch of a button.


If necessary, we may change or remove certain features. Our intention, however, is to include all of this, and much more. Over time, we will be adding more features and enhancements, so what you see is not the final product. We still have a backlog of member requests for features, as well as designs and features which are planned for implementation. Since we’re building this solution for you, we want to hear what you think. Feel free to contact us and share your feedback about the POS v4.