What are we working on?

This quarter we announced our 7-day Support services, launched CrystalCommerce Store, addedCrystalCreditsStore credits used at CrystalCommerce Storeto all our Retailers active accounts, and added social media banners to our regular monthly new product release assets. We would like to thank you for continuously selecting CrystalCommerce products and services for your Game and Hobby business. The persistent feedback and encouragement which has been provided by you has greatly helped us in improving our systems, creating great products, and better services as we continue to connect and unify Game and Hobby communities. Thank you and we will keep you posted on all our exciting changes and additions on the next quarter, stay tuned! :)

Q1 January – March

7-Day Support

On March 3rd we announced the launch of 7-Day Support.

Our friendly Support Team is available to assist you with your online store, system updates, questions, and any other concerns, and needs. We know you're busy, so we provide you with a number of options for you to contact us. From members community, live chat, to online form submission, our friendly and knowledgeable staff is waiting to hear from you. All contacts will be responded to by the same means they are received. We look forward to hearing from you!

CrystalCommerce Store of Solutions

Thank You! We appreciate your loyalty and continued support.

On April 3rd we launched CrystalCommerce Store. The store helps you connect with Game and Hobby fans and sell more products as we offer a menu of solutions. Our goal is to curate products and services that tackles the areas of improvements in your business— Events, Branding, Marketing and Advertising, Re-stocking, and CrystalCommerce Platform adoption. There are many opportunities for improvement in Game and Hobby business, and we are just getting started.

New Premium Themes Now Available
Check out the newly updated premium themes! Choose from several themes designed especially for the Game and Hobby retailer stores. Every detail is designed with your success and your customers' needs in mind.
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Upgrade Your Existing Theme
All our Premium E-commerce Themes include components that support our clients in order to be successful in the Game and Hobby business. . We offer a variety of widgets to complement your website: calendar event feeds, blog RSS feeds, social media feeds, newsletter forms, etc.
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Your exclusive store credit with CrystalCommerce Store. The store is where you buy essential Products and Services designed to help you and your business’ success.

Other Info
  • Credits purchased within your CrystalCommerce Membership may only be used against our Professional Products and Services Menu(s).

  • Crystal Credits are used within the CrystalCommerce Store Menu of Member Benefits, and the Design Store a la carte menu of professional services.

  • Crystal Credits MAY NOT be used to pay recurring weekly Transaction Fee Billing or Recurring Monthly Membership Dues.

Terms of Services applied. Section 2.9

Social Media Banner Assets

On February 24th we added additional Product banner sizes for your social media needs.

Social Media marketing is an essential part of your online marketing strategy. We have added social media assets/banners designed specifically to meet 3 of the largest social media network's standard– Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These banners could help reaching out to Game and Hobby fans through your social media marketing with minimal efforts and less time to direct them to your direct website / online store.

What are we working on?

Q2 April – June

Members Exclusive Deal: Save 0.3% on PayPal Fees

This April we are proud to announce the reduced rate on your PayPal fees.

The standard fees for Paypal processing are 2.9% + $0.30, but Curtis from PayPal will lower your fees to 2.6% + $0.30 if you go to him, and mention you are using your PayPal account for your CrystalCommerce Online Store. Please send us an email at marketing@crystalcommerce.com for more information.

POSv4 and Ally NetworkBETA

Coming Soon

CrystalCommerce MarketplaceBETA

Coming Soon

Manufacturer Product Locator

Coming Soon

High-level Industry Data Dashboard

Coming Soon

Retailer Marketing Toolbox

Coming Soon

What are we working on?

Q3 July – September

Coming Soon

What are we working on?

Q4 October – December

Coming Soon