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Introducing the CrystalAPI

brand new way to interact with Game and Hobby Industry Data and Businesses.

What is CrystalAPI?

The CrystalAPI (Application Programming Interface) is built to help Game and Hobby community grow stronger through applications. These applications are Game and Hobby Catalog, Market Prices, Inventory, POSv4 and the Ally Network, Marketplaces, Affiliates upgrades, and more.

The Power of CrystalAPI

CrystalAPI for Developers

The CrystalAPI will operate in a standard, HTTP REST protocol, providing various endpoints for developers and enthusiasts alike.

Limitless Opportunities to Power the Game and Hobby Community

New options and reliable platforms for CrystalCommerce members. New, powerful marketplaces will launch, options for both responsive and native mobile Point of Sales, Deck Builders, Price comparison tools, Geographic product locators, and Events management.

CrystalAPI sits on top of every application layer CrystalCommerce has to offer:

  • Game and Hobby Catalog
  • Market Prices
  • Inventory Management
  • Affiliates
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Local Game Stores
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CrystalAPI’s Active Projects

POSv4 Features

Multiple types of payments/fundings for a specific order added
Generate and accept gift cards/coupons
Browse inventory (and add out of stock items to their orders)
New Restocking system
Always in Stock technology

Marketplaces Features

Game and Hobby Fans and Retailers will have a new opportunity to connect like never before.

Fans will be able to buy from several stores within a single checkout process, and retailers will get paid directly from the Fans (No intermediate fees or commissions other than what you already pay).