Frequently Asked Questions and Resources

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Where do I find your support articles?

You can find articles and videos at our Help Center here. Get advice and answers from the CrystalCommerce Team and get updated with latest FAQs and Troubleshooting

How is your Market Price calculated?

Our market price algorithm is based on a number of variables, most importantly, completed transactions within the network. It takes into account all sales channels, including in-store and online.

How quickly are products added to Catalog?

We add products as they are made available with images and product information through a number of sources, including Distributors. New TCGs are added as sealed product information and spoils are made available so that you can start selling them in advance of release.

Does the monthly fee include hosting?

Yes, for the store site only, WordPress hosting is an additional $10/mo.

Can I have SFTP access to make changes to my site?

We do not grant SFTP access to outside designers. We have found that having a developer who is unfamiliar with our liquid platform and proprietary code has caused minor issues all the way to site crashes. We have tools that allow you to control banners/advertisements on your site without having to go into the backend of the SFTP.

What are your sites built on?

Our sites are built on Ruby. We use some proprietary solutions to build out your website quickly.

How much do you charge for credit card processing?

CrystalCommerce is not a Merchant processor, however, we integrate Authorize.net and Bombora that integrate with most major Merchant processors. You are also able to use PayPal Express for payment processing.

What do I do if the internet goes out

We recommend if you are in an area where this is a frequent problem that you get a hot-spot for a backup internet connection.

What kind of success can a store of my size typically see being online?

Your success is up to you. With that being said we have Memberships and Products available to help stores be more aggressive with their Brand and Marketing, pushing more sales to their direct webstore.

How do I install CrystalCommerce?

CrystalCommerce is a web-based ecommerce platform. This means no installation is required and you can access your site from anywhere you have Internet access!

What languages are supported?

Currently, we only support English sites.

What currencies are supported?

Currently, we fully support USD with limited support for CAD, British Pounds, Euro, and the Australian Dollar.

Can I integrate my current POS with your software?

Our software does not currently integrate with non-native POS systems.

What shipping methods are available with your system?

Rates for USPS, FedEx and UPS are available with CrystalCommerce. CrystalCommerce also integrates with Endicia to provide postage printing capabilities.

What kind of reporting does your system have?

You can export financial reports that will support your business. Financial and sales reports are also available for the P.O.S.

Can I use coupons?

You can currently create and use coupons for your webstore and apply discounts for the POS.

Can I use gift cards?

We do not currently support gift cards.

What does it cost?

You can view our pricing under the Pricing tab.

What kind of hardware should I use with your POS?

We have a comprehensive list of hardware that will work with our POS. Please ask a rep to pass that along to you.

Is your checkout secure?

Yes, Rapid SSL secures us. You can read more about it, or ask one of our representatives.

My store isn’t opening up for a few more months, when should I start using CrystalCommerce?

We’ve found it helpful to start using the system before you store opens for a number of reasons. Inventorying in advance will save you a lot of headache down the road, not having to inventory while orders are coming and going more rapidly. This is also a good time to make sure your Branding is consistent on your webstore and in-store.

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