Fix CI Build
Fix for Tax Exempt on Checkout
Testing Suite Update
Endicia Refunding Error
Product Search Improvement
POS Job Priority/Background Jobs
Batch Update Improvement
POS In Checkout Display
POS In-Store Pickup Display
Fix “in the past X days, > X qty bought” search filter
POS Onhold Orders going into Incheckout and voiding
Fix Customer Exports not generating
eBay Refactor
Update NewRelic Implementation
Fix billing/fee calculation
Simplified Checkout Improvement
Product Log Pagination
Market Prices
ASIN Creation Improvement
Missing eBay Credentials

Rolling out

Webstore’s Category Tree update

In Development

AWS Migration
Website Stability/Performance
Reinstate old Product Activity Logs

Future Releases

Updated Admin Interface
Amazon Integration Refactor
TCGPlayer Integration
New Shipping Integrations
Batch Print Shipping Labels
Core Product Library
Improve Internationalization Support (Shipping Options, Payment Options, Etc)

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