Engineering scores a victory with Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment success.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment Big Win For Engineering Productivity

Good news, your engineering team just achieved ‘One click code integration testing and deploy automation’ for new projects. A big win we are celebrating! A lot of effort and teamwork went into this. We’ve been using continuous integration (or CI) for a long time already, but we’ve now added continuous deployment (or CD) allowing us to spend less time deploying and more time coding!

Benefit: More code deployed = more forward progress. We are helping streamline our team’s future code deployments and maximize impact points deployed each each day.

The significance to members “The big benefit here is CI/CD allows us to do many more deploys per day as code review is successful. This improves momentum and frequency of quality code deploys per developer per day to accelerate improvements to your platform experience. This project was prioritized because it boosts team’s productivity, it reduces multiple hours of tedious work per deploy. It will be much more fun to work with the CC Platform for developers who love to code useful things.” – Engineering Team

We’re pulling ideas from Add new ideas to Save Time, Make Money, and Actionable Data. The roadmap weekly sprints are created from our backlogs from all issues, feature requests, and many newly enabled strategic initiatives. There will be improved collaborative reporting which will look something like this

Additional technical details if you’re interested: “The central importance here is the automation of engineers’ repetitive work and reducing the need to handle dull and detailed processes.” and

This is a significant milestone for improving our core platform technology health. It will only get better, faster, more effective from here. This milestone unlocks a more aggressive Q3 and Q4 plan to Protect and Grow Local Game Stores. At the core is de-coupling applications so Point of Sale speed and performance is not affected by other noisy/greedy applications or queries. Platform speed and data responsiveness at scale is our new foundation standard. Excited by lots of cool functionality, useful data reporting, compelling opportunities, and visualized actionable insights..