Virtual Booth: Ravensburger

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Ravensburger offers one of the most diverse collections of award-winning games you can find, and we are always adding new games to our popular collections. All of our games are designed with the highest quality standards for content and materials. Our commitment to creating new innovative games that are high in educational value and are completely free of violence has been our promise since our founding in 1883.

Scotland Yard Junior

Carpe Diem

Notre Dame

Junior Labyrinth

Pictopia: Harry Potter Edition Family Trivia Board

Dream Cakes!

The Quest for El Dorado

Broom Service

Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Eye found it! Game

Richard Scarry’s Busytown: Busy, Busy Airport Game

Castles Of Burgundy (Dice Game Version)

The Rise of Queensdale

San Juan


Saint Malo

Broom Service Card Game

Jurassic Park Danger!

Disney Villainous: Wicked to the Core

The Castles of Burgundy




Statue of Liberty at night

Neuschwanstein Castle

Puzzle – Conserver Permanent

99 Beautiful Places on Earth

Bicycles in Amsterdam

Kitchen Cupboard

Krypt Black


Merlíns Laboratory

The Gardener`s Cupboard

Krypt silver

Morning Glory


Coral Bay

Planetary Vision

Adventures in the Jungle

Puzzle Store

Cinque Terre viewpoint

My Favorite Stamps

Evening at the Waterhole

Realm of the Giants

Puzzler’s Place

Disney Vintage Movie Posters

When Pigs Fly

Neuschwanstein Daydream

The Solar System

Woodland Friends

Busy Airport

Mystical Dragons

Diggers at Work

Underwater Kingdom

NYC Christmas

The Artist’s Desk

Disney Scrapbook

Fairy Playland

Orca Paradise

Memorable Disney Moments

Shades of Summer

The Puzzler’s Palette

The Lodge

Doors of the World

Railway Station

Caribbean Smile

Magical Unicorns

ESCAPE 6 Vampire’s Castle

Animal Kingdom

Dolphin Paradise

Animal Selfie

Aprs All Day

Romantic Sunset

Meet Me at the Beach


Antique Doorknobs

Animal Get Together

Cat Nap

Magical forest fairies

Forest Dragon

Greenhouse Mornings

Heartview Cave

Mermaids & Dolphins

New York Winter & Summer

Our Wild World

Dinosaur Playground

Drive-Thru Route 66

The Tower of Babel

Underwater Adventure

At the Waterhole

Evening Walk in Paris

Tropical Paradise

Beatles: Aums 1964-1966

Magical Ride

Rapunzel Little Red Riding Hood and The Frog Prince

Jungle Tiger

Friendly Felines

Novel Avenue

Mama Knows Best

Tropical Friends

Political World Map

World Map – 60pc

Let’s Play Ball!

The Greatest Show on Earth

Say Cheese!

The Planets

Home on the Range

Dragon Valley

Viva le Vinyl

Paris’s Secret Corner

Protect and Preserve USA

Animals of the Savanna

The Portal

Bathing Birds

Dinosaur Oasis

Moana and Maui

Paradise Sunset

Map of the World – 1500pc

Scenic Overlook

Outer Space

Tiger Kittens

Dinosaur Pals

Adorable Cinderella

Golden Gate Sunrise


An Evening in Paris

Calm Campsite

World of Dinosaurs

Dinosaurs at play

Dinner in Positano

Vibrance Under the Sea

4 Wheeling

Seaside Sunshine

Prehistoric Life

Tropical Traffic

Tranquil Sunset

Vibrant Dolphins

Most Everyone is Mad

Sun at Shelly’s

Puzzle Board

Thomas & Friends: Night Work

Thomas Camps

Beatles Aums 1967 – 1970

Ballet Lesson

Sleepy Kittens

Fields of Gold

World Landmarks at Night

Honefleur Reflection

Gathering at Twilight

Firefighter Rescue!

Laundry Day

Belle & Beast

Collector’s Cupboard

Laundry Day

Firehouse Frenzy

Gallery of Learning

Rainbow Horses

By Land & Sea

Doggy Disguise

Beautiful Disney Princesses

Autumn Birds

Gallery of Fine Art

Lets Go Skiing!

The Cliff House

Splatter Art

Finding Dory – 100pc

Finding Dory – 100pc Glow in the dark

Police on Patrol

Pretty Princesses

Spring Awakening

Cuddle Time

Cute Bugs

Ruff Day

Smiling Sharks

Unicorn Castle

Thomas & Friends: At the Docks

Rig Views

Fantastic Fashionista

Midnight at the Library

Safari Animals

Born to Voyage

Brooklyn Bridge

Live Life Colorfully NYC

Summer at the Lake

Watering Hole Delight

Close Encounters


Raise the Roof!

Gardener’s Paradise

Floral Reflections

Hugging Arielle

Incredibles 2 – 1000pc

Above The Clouds

Dancing Elena

The After Party

Moana’s Adventures

Puppy Picnic

Riverside Livingroom

Tub Time

From Sea to Shining Sea

Traveling Thomas

Waterfall Safari

Pop Art

Making Mickey’s Magic

Mermaid Tales

Unicorn Paradise

Narwhal’s Friends

Mustang Meadow

Rushing River Horses

Tale of the Brave

Wreck it Ralph 2

Fashion Barbie

A Café Visit

Finding Dory 2×24

Finding Dory – 3×49

A Day on the Job

Washi Wishes

Wisdom Whale

Cars 3: Dueling Cars

Deep Sea Treasure

Pixar Friends

Winter Horses

Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet – 150pc

Police at work!

The Brilliant Birthday

Incredibles 2 – 100pc

Little Mermaids

Dino Falls

Princess Party

Gift of Fire

CARS 3 – 3×49

CARS 3 – 100pc

Cars 3: I Can Win!

Savannah Jungle Waterhole

99 Bicycles

Northern Wolves

Construction Crew

Sidewalk Fashion

Thomas’s World

Sunday Ballet

Catch a Wave

Afternoon Away

Queens of the Ocean

Finding Dory – 24pc

Digger at work!

Thomas & Friends: Thomas the Tank Engine

Thomas Watches Soccer

Day at the Races

Thomas & Friends: Circus Fun

Dinosaur Land

Animals of Bells Farm

Recess in Space

Cave Dive

1964: A Photographer’s View

Vintage Barbie

60th Anniversary

Moon Landing

Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

Hair and Now!

Magical Unicorn

Incredibles 2

Vacation Hustle

Mountains of Mayhem

Time Traveling Dinos

Unicorn Kingdom

In it Together!

Splashing Mermaids

Filmstrip Friends

Space Rocket

Fishie’s Fortune

Made to Play!

Prancing Unicorns

The Toys are Back!

Mermaid Adventures

Land Ahoy!

Say Cheese Thomas!



Treasure X

Mickey’s Sort & Go!

my Ravensburger Puzzle 100 Pieces in a Tin

my Ravensburger Puzzle 200 Pieces in a Tin

my Ravensburger Puzzle 300 Pieces in a Tin

my Ravensburger Puzzle 500 Pieces in a Tin

my Ravensburger Puzzle 1000 Pieces in a Tin

my Ravensburger Puzzle – 1500 Pieces in a Tin

my Ravensburger Puzzle Disney Frozen 100 pieces in a metal box

my Ravensburger Puzzle Disney Frozen 200 pieces in a metal box

my Ravensburger Puzzle Disney Planes Fire & Rescue 100 pieces in a metal box

my Ravensburger Puzzle Disney Planes Fire & Rescue 200 pieces in a metal box

Farm Animals in the Meadow

Visit to the Zoo

Waste Collection

The Zoo

Gondolas in Venice

Work at the Construction Site

Divided Town

Fighting Fire

Large Construction Vehicles

African Animal World

Seaside Beauty

Yosemite Valley

World of Books

Beautiful Vista

Majestic Watering Hole

Van Gogh – Café Terrace at Night

Passage to Paris

Dinosaurs at Dawn

At the Dog Park

Brilliant Balloons

Fairy Magic

Just Desserts

The Attic

Grandiose Greece

Unicorns in the Sunset Glow

Disney Pixar Collection: Disney-Pixar Movies

Big Sur Sunset

Serene Sunset

Ocean Turtles

The Ludicrous Library

A License to Life


Awesome “A”

Spring is in the Air


Cat Family Reuinion

Sleeping Kitten

Fisherman’s Cove

One Dot at a Time

Welcome to the Zoo

Wild Jungle

Bella Positano

Antique Map

Gone Fishin’

Grandpas Garage

Portuguese Windows

Magical Fairy Night

Magical Bookcase

Pets on Tour

The Locker Room

Beatles: Tickets

Beatles Aums 1967 – 1970

Frozen Friends

Winter Adventures

Sisters Always

The Frozen Difference

Garden Traditions

Disney Pixar Collection: Toy Story

Fun at the Carnival

Christmas in the Square

USA State Map

Dragon Kingdom

Fighting the Fire

Lets Fly!

Find the Frogs

Pirate Boat Adventure

The “Coo”au

Vintage Postage

Sundown & Stars

Jungle Juniors

Disney-Pixar Sketches


Enchanted Valley


Animals in their Habitats

Vacation at Sea

185 Graziella Burano

Adventure on the High Seas

Sister’s Space

African Animal Babies

Best friends for life

Beatles: Sgt. Pepper

New Neighbors

Disney Pixar Collection: Smile!

Blackbeard’s Battle

Blossom Park

The Saguenay Fjord

Miguel and Friends

Disney Pixar Collection: In the Aquarium

Day at the Zoo

Remember Me

Movie Reel

Into a New World

Color with Me

Home Tweet Home

Zebra Challenge

Disney Cars: Worldwide Racing Fun

Disney Cars: Cars Everywhere!

Hot Air Hero

Needlework Station

Aquatic Exhibition

Patchwork Pups

Sweet Koalas and Pandas

Enchantimal friends forever

Stamps Challenge

Piccadilly Circus

Fantasy Friends

Dinosaur Collection

Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway

German Tourists

Inside Out: Emotions

At the Skate Park

Toy Story History

Curious George Fun

52 Shuffle

Beatles Through the Years

Seize Your Moment

Disney Pixar Collection: Picture Day

Thomas & Friends: Sodor Friends

Pet Vet

The Good Dinosaur

Ultimate Pixar

InsideOut: Mixed Emotions

Look Curious George!

Disney Pixar Collection: Hanging Around

Camera Evolution

Funny Animal Portraits

Toys Toys Toys

Preparing to Fly

Enchantimals world!

Thomas & Friends: At the Airport

Disney Pixar Collection: Woody & Rex

Doc Explains!

Disney Pixar Collection: Playing Around

Cute Horses

Twilight Howl

Space Aliens

Cardinals at Christmas

Minnies Shopping Tour

St. Viateur Bagel & Hockey

Thomas & Friends: Traveling with Thomas

Thomas & Friends: Thomas and Spencer

Belle Reads a Fairy Tale

Disney Cars

Disney * Pixar Christmas

Meet you at Jack’s

Beautiful Minnie Mouse

Minnies Shopping Tour

Deep Diving Friends

The Secret LIfe of Pets

Everyone Loves Mickey

Curious George and Friends

Sodors Legend of the Lost Treasure

Fair Bound

Frolicking Puppies

Arlo & His Friends

Giggly Goblins

Sodors Legend of the Lost Treasure

Say Cheese Thomas!

Enchantimals and friends

Making Repairs

Cars 2 Panorama

Arlo & Spot

Miles from Tomorrowland

Counting Train

Moonlit Magic

Sunset over Rialto

The Bookshop

Weekend Escape

Unicorn Beach

Mischief Makers

Fairytale Ballet

The Curse of the Wolves

Princesses Adventure

Bird Village

Mystical Unicorns

Villa Bella Vista

Horses by the Stream

99 VW Campervan Moments

Puppy Party

Flying Home

Land of the Giants

Hillside Retreat

Golden Gate

Polar Animals Gathering

Seamstress Shop

Top 5 Rummy

Wolves in the Forest

Tranquil Tigers

A Paris Stroll

Cute Dogs

New York Skyline


Animal Kingdom – 3000pc

Forbidden Basement

Winter Wolves

Map of the World

Me and my pal

Villainous: Perfectly Wretched

Minecraft: Builders and Biomes

Harry Potter Labyrinth

Push Card Game

The Quest for El Dorado Heroes & Hexes

The Quest for El Dorado The Golden Temples


Disney Princess Enchanted Cupcake Party™ Game

In the Year of the Dragon

Wild World of Animals memory®

Ocean Labyrinth

The World of Eric Carle™ Matching Game

Las Vegas Royale

Disney Villainous™ The worst takes it all

Great Outdoors memory®

Disney Matching

The World of Eric Carle™ Surprise Slides™ Game

Greetings from Grandville

Sesame Street® Matching Game

Paku Paku

Foodie Favorites memory®

Bugs in the Kitchen

Five Little Fish™ Game, Bilingual

Ready, Set, Count!

Airplanes to Zebras

Friends of a Feather

PJ Masks Night Sight™ Game

Our Generation® Giddy Up! Game


Treasure X™: Quest for Gold

Disney Mickey Mouse Snuggle Time™

Wonder Woman™: Challenge of the Amazons

Dr. Seuss™ Grinchmas Bingo

Peppa Pig™ Surprise Slides™ Game

Peppa Pig™ Matching Game

Disney Junior Fancy Nancy Find your Fancy!

Monster Flush

Disney Junior Fancy Nancy Matching Game

Five Little Fish

Cat in The Hat: I Can do that!

Mini Mandala-Designer® Romantic

Mini Mandala-Designer® Classic

Mini Mandala-Designer® Flower Power

Junior Mandala-Designer® Princess

Junior Mandala-Designer® Classic

Outdoor Mandala-Designer®: Princess

Fashion Designer Stylebook Fashion Show

Aquarelle®: Sweet Dreams

Science X®: Crystals & Gemstones

Science X®: Magnetic Magic

Science X®: Fueling Future Cars

Science X®: Exploring Careers

Empire State Building at Night

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower by Night

Porsche 911 R

Lighthouse at Night

VW Bus T1 Campervan

Sneaker: American Style

Empire State Building

Big Ben Night Edition

Tower Bridge

Graffiti Sneaker

Chrysler Building – Night Edition

Big Ben Clock

XXL Children’s Globe

Statue of Liberty

One World Trade Center

Adidas FIFA World Cup Puzzleball

Disney 3D Castle

Children’s Globe

Solar System 3D Puzzle set

Mickey Mouse Sneaker


Captain Hook

Finding Dory

Poisons and Potions

Packing the Sleigh

Be Strong, Be You

Treasure X

Inside the House

Happy Sea-Dwellers

Climber’s Delight

Where to Put It?


Ocean Friends

Finding Dory

Ballet Beauties

Red Peak

Bora Bora

King Me!

Impact: Battle of Elements

The Earth

Snow White

ESCAPE 4 Submarine

New York

Queen of Dragons

CARS 3 – 100pc

CARS 3 – 3×49

Venitian Dreams

To the Rescue!

Toy Story 4

Mouse and Friends

Climber’s Delight

Playful Christmas Day

Pet Park

Go Mickey!

Mickey’s Stow & Go!

Mouse’s Backyard

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine

Ravensburger Alea – La Isla

Space 35pc

Space 100pc

Dragon 1000pc

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