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700 +

Local Stores



Webstore Sales – 2.5% transaction fee


POS & Buylist – always free


Sales Channels – 2.5% transaction fee*



*For 3rd party sales channels, our 2.5% transaction fee is in addition to any other fees collected by those sites.


Sell More Product

Largest Catalog

2M + Products

Huge Network

700 + Local Stores

8 Million +


Daily Zoom Calls

11am and 3pm PT

The Best In-Store & Online E-commerce Platform

As a retailer, elevate your Game and Hobby retail experience with CrystalCommerce’s tailored ecommerce platform. Designed exclusively for businesses like yours, our service provides an online web store with free SSL, robust inventory management, and a versatile Point of Sale system for in-store and event sales.

Largest Game & Hobby Catalog

All TCG’s, board games, comics, minis, video games, Legos, accessories & more. 2 million + products and growing!

Most Sales Channels

eBay, Amazon, TCGplayer, CardTrader, Mana Pool, Price Charting, and more coming soon!

Revolutionary "Always in Stock" Referral Network

Optional ally network program to receive commissions for referred sales for your out of stock items.

Live Training and Support

Live chat every day from 9 AM to 5 PM PT. Zoom calls every day at 11 AM and 3 PM PT. We're here for you!

Roadmap Meetings

Every Wednesday at 11 AM PT. See current development and collaborate on the direction of our platform!

Exchange Theme Preview
Example e-commerce store theme

Setup is fast and easy

Choose a website template, sign up, add your inventory and settings, and start selling.

Less legwork

Save time entering your inventory by importing from our vast catalog of products

Sell more, faster and easier

We support your online webstore, in-store POS sales, and multi-channel sales

Unlock a world of opportunities as a CrystalCommerce affiliate creator in the game and hobby realm. With over 2 million products at your fingertips, you’ll focus on what you love.

Enjoy the benefits of your own free marketplace website, earning a generous 5% commission on qualifying referred sales—without any fees. Join our extensive network of online and local retailers, and effortlessly generate passive income by making your content work for you. Promote products seamlessly across your website, blog, and social media, strengthening the online and local ecosystem of what you’re passionate about.

Elevate your brand’s exposure and credibility while providing greater value. Turn your passion into profit – sign up now to start reaping the rewards.

Earn commissions easily

Simply link from your content to product pages on your free CrystalCommerce marketplace website to start referring sales

Create greater value

Increase your content’s impact by helping your audience discover hundreds of local sources of products they love.

Work less, create more

With nearly effortless passive affiliate income, you’ll spend less time working and more time creating what you love.

Attention Media Collectors and Experts! CrystalCommerce is expanding its horizons and wants to collaborate with you to enrich our product catalog with movies, music, and publications. We’re seeking your expertise to enhance catalog data, and in return, we’re offering you access to our powerful ecommerce system.

Picture this: your own online marketplace where you can seamlessly sell and showcase your media inventory. Benefit from our user-friendly system tailored for media enthusiasts, featuring comprehensive inventory management, market price data, and sales channel integrations.

As a media collector or expert, your insights and product data will help shape an unparalleled platform. Join us in creating a dynamic space for media enthusiasts to connect, share, and trade!

Expand Collection Visibility

Elevate your media collection’s reach through our network’s broad audience of passionate collectors.

Effortless Sales

From streamlined inventory management to a user-friendly interface, we empower you to effortlessly showcase and sell your collection.

Join a Thriving Network

Become a part of a vibrant community of media collectors and fans.

CrystalCommerce is excited to invite you to join our community as a technology partner. We’re opening the door for you to unleash your creativity and develop innovative applications to seamlessly work with our system.

As a technology partner, not only do you get to showcase your skills, but you also earn commissions for every sale referred to our network of top-tier sellers through your applications or integration. Tap into our extensive catalog of over 2 million products, supported by a live feed of prices and inventory from the world’s best sellers. Leverage our robust API with excellent documentation to ensure a smooth development process.

CrystalCommerce empowers you to shape the future of online commerce—partner with us, build your dream, and turn your technical prowess into a lucrative opportunity.

Code, Create, Thrive!

Unleash your creativity by developing applications tailored to our system, while providing endless possibilities for innovation and growth.

Code Smarter, Earn Bigger

Earn commissions for every sale referred through your applications. As you code, watch your income grow—smart solutions, big rewards.

Shape the Future of Commerce

With access to a vast catalog of over 2 million products and a live feed from the world’s best sellers, tap into endless opportunities for innovation and development.

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CrystalCommerce Features

Real Time Inventory Management

Real Time Inventory Management

Manage your products, orders, buylist, and more, while easily syncing inventory across multiple sales channels.

Collection Command Center​

Organize and share your haves and wants with our powerful inventory management system

Real-Time Price Data​

Stay competitive in an ever-changing market

If You Have It, You Can Sell It​

Join the ally network. Free traffic and exposure, and low referral fees

Massive Product Catalog

Massive Product Catalog

Build your inventory with access to our comprehensive catalog of over two million products and growing.

Connect Your Collection​

Share, grow, and track your products in our growing ecosystem.

Discover Fresh Inventory​

With over 2 million products, and growing, there’s always something new to stock.

Import Tool​

Built to help you save time, make more money, and spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Sell on the Biggest Marketplaces

Sell on the Biggest Marketplaces

Control one inventory, synced across multiple sales channels such as Amazon, eBay, TCGPlayer, ChannelFireball, CardTrader, and more.

Sell Product 24/7​

Bring the world to your store with our advanced ecommerce system.

Synced Listings​

Real-time inventory syncing across Amazon, eBay, TCGPlayer, and CardTrader

Reach a Bigger Audience​

With millions of customers on our integrated channels, sales potential is almost limitless.

Point of Sale and Customer Kiosk

Point of Sale and Customer Kiosk

Efficiently ring up in-person sales, or let shoppers build their orders using kiosk mode on an-instore device.

Full Web Application​

The POS is a full-featured web application which can be used on a computer or tablet.

Streamline Retail Operations​

Our POS app is designed for in-store and event sales, and syncs with your live inventory.

Customer Mode​

Change the POS to customer mode to effortlessly create an in-store kiosk. 

Referred Sales Community

Retailers, Revolutionize How You Make Sales!

Why miss out on a sale when you don’t have an item in stock? Instead, refer the sale to another member on CrystalCommerce, and collect a commission! Always say “yes” to your customers, and always say “yes” to making a profit, even for products you don’t have on hand!

Referred Sales Community

Everyone wins with our Exchange network, which ensures the customer always finds what they want, referrers earn commissions, and referral recipients get increased sales. Together we are strong.

Free Marketing Network

Join the ally network. Free traffic and exposure, and low referral fees.

Referral Commissions

Help yourself by helping others. Earn 5% of any orders which your website refers for products you don’t have in stock.

Constantly Growing

The network effect is real. More websites launching daily means exponentially more potential referrals for you over time.

Product Finder: The Connected Network!

Product finder is powerfully connected to millions of products within the CrystalCommerce ecosystem. It instantly returns local sales listings for any product, conveniently notifying the customer where, and for how much, they can get that special item on their wishlist.





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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about CrystalCommerce? Check out the list below, and please contact us if your question isn’t answered here.

We have over 2 million products in our catalog, which include Game & Hobby, and a wide variety of other industries such as sports and outdoors, coins and stamps, shoes and apparel, photography and electronics, and much more. Game & Hobby includes all of the most popular TCG’s, boardgames, miniatures, D&D, accessories, and more. 

Most of our catalog products include images and descriptor information.

$99 per month, 2.5% transaction fees on your CrystalCommerce webstore, and 2.5%* transaction fees on the sales channel integrations. We don’t charge any fees for POS & Buylist transactions.

*For 3rd party sales channels, our 2.5% transaction fee is in addition to any normal fees collected by those sites.

Currently we have synced listings with Amazon, eBay, TCGPlayer, and CardTrader. Only Game & Hobby product listings are supported at this time.

Yes, we include access to our Point of Sale system for all members

No, POS purchases do not incur a transaction fee directly from CrystalCommerce.

We offer a variety of website starter themes, and a custom CSS page in your admin so you may do basic styling changes. You will also be able to upload your logo, plug in your social media links, change out banners, edit some page content, and control which products show in the homepage displays. Besides those, the website layout and design are not editable by you, but our development roadmap includes a drag and drop website builder tool which will be available in the future.

At the moment we don’t support card scanning, but it’s on our development roadmap.

Yes, our inventory management system includes access to TCGPlayer market prices.

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