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We help Distributors connect, sell, and advertise to over 900 Retailers in the network.


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Provide Game and Hobby Fans with a personalized experience on finding their local games stores near their area and explore their favorite games.

Industry Insights and Visibility

Revolutionize the success of your business with the right tools. Data Dashboards gives you a deeper view into the Game and Hobby network sales empowering your business with data and more profound insights into trends of specific games and categories that lead to informed and intelligent decisions.

We Value Your Brand

We promote your games across our Game and Hobby network. Boost your product’s brand awareness to over 900 CrystalCommerce Retailers and millions of Game and Hobby Fans— drive referred sales to a higher conversion rate.

All You Need to Power Your Game and Hobby Business

Industry Data Dashboard

Global Game and Hobby Data

The general overview of aggregate data across the CrystalCommerce network. Data visualization of product performance, trends of what is performing well, popular products, and more!

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Intranetwork Advertising

Advertise directly to over 900 Retailers

Retailer Facing Announcements – As your products are made available in our catalog for pre-sale, we announce those to our Members across multiple channels.

Advertorial Announcements – Make announcements about new products or promotions, educating Retailers and other members of the industry.

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Automated product mapping, attribution, and categories across all platforms, maintaining current marketplace price and information synced to the network of Retailers.

Over 1,000,000 of old and new games. Every day we add 10-20 products with unique SKUs months before product release boosting pre-order sales for TCGs, Board Games, and more.

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Product Locator

Connectivity to the CrystalCommerce Network

Allow Game and Hobby fans to find their favorite games and specific products from their favorite Local Game Stores! Maximize pre-orders through Fan awareness. Allow Fans to find what Local Games Stores support their favorite brands. Additional branding and DNS bolt-on service to your domain.

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Distributors in the CrystalCommerce Network


By purchasing a Distributor subscription, you gain a spot on the CrystalCommerce B2B Marketplace, access to our Reseller Program, catalog curation and management, promotional announcements of product releases, directory listing with CrystalCommerce “Virtual Booth”, and one month of advertising products to help you boost your marketing efforts.