Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Now you can make data-driven decisions!

As a small-to-medium online store owner, your resources are finite, which means that time and burn rate are critical factors to success. Without knowing which marketing activities are working, you will be wasting both time and money.

Understanding trends and which marketing channels are no longer profitable allows you to maneuver as a business before damage is done to your bottom line. And, understanding shifts in consumer behavior gives you insights into the demands of your market.

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What you can track with Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce

Shopping Behavior Analysis

Now you can track your customers’ behavior!

One of the fundamental concepts of web analytics is funnels. All marketing activities can and should be seen regarding funnels. The idea of funnel analytics is that your target audience will go through a step-by-step flow or funnel until they purchase on your site. At each step of the process, a certain percentage of people will drop out of the funnel.

Having a clear idea of where you’re losing visitors in your funnel can give you insight on how to fix it.

Checkout Behavior Analysis

Now you can track your checkout funnel!

With the Checkout Behavior report, you can see concrete numbers for each step: how many made it to cart preview, what was the drop-off rate for billing and shipping steps, and so on. This report is similar to the Shopping Behavior, but it focuses strictly on the steps involved in your checkout.

Product Performance Analysis

Now you can track cart-to-detail rate, buy-to-detail rate and much more!

Through enhanced e-commerce “Product Performance” report you can track sales performance and shopping behavior of your products. For instance, you can track the best performing products or take a look which product category is performing better.

And based on that information you can adjust your products display on the website, move top-selling products to the top and get rid of those which does not perform well.

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