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Join fan favorite Yu Yu Hakusho characters Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei as they battle through the Spirit Detective Saga!

Here you will find your favorite Yu Yu Hakusho characters Yusuke Urameshi, Kazuma Kuwabara, Kurama, and Hiei as all new characters in the Universal Fighting System as they battle through the Spirit Detective Saga!  Relive the excitement of the first battles as our heroes learn to trust each other and work together and grow into their powers!

Yu Yu Hakusho releases September 6, 2019, with UFS Premier Store EXCLUSIVE Pre-Release events August 30, 2019

Yu Yu Hakusho – Booster Box

Yu Yu Hakusho – Booster Pack

Yu Yu Hakusho – Prerelease Kit


16 Instant Slashes

A Son’s Love


Crimson Sparrow

Endless Determination

Hiding in Plain Sight

Koenma’s Task


Seventh Cross

Seventh Cross Booster Box

Seventh Cross Booster Pack

The year is 1929, in a world much like our own…

An enigmatic organization known only as “The Church” has kept the world safe from magic and monsters for centuries, allowing culture and civilization to flourish.

In the shadows, an ancient magic empire stirs, seeking to revive the lost craft and unleash mayhem once again upon humanity.

Powerful Church Inquisitors seek out monsters and put them down in the name of order and duty using a vast array of mystical arcana, bizarre machines, and medieval implements, sometimes even unleashing their own monstrous nature to gain new abilities and turn the tide of battle in their favor.

The Seventh Cross CCG includes the following playable characters, each with their own monstrous 2nd form:

  • Celinka
  • D’Janette
  • Eugenia
  • Geoffrey
  • Remiliss
  • Taisei
  • Tournelouse
  • Zsolt

Soul Calibur VI

Soul Calibur VI Booster Box

Soul Calibur VI Booster Pack

Heroes, arm yourself and join the quest for legendary weapons.  Champions from SOULCALIBUR VI join the epic battle for dominance in the Universal Fighting System Collectible Card Game.  Design a deck around your favorite character, master your strategies, and prepare to fight. Will Siegfried defeat Nightmare  or will Ivy or Maxi triumph? You determine the destiny in this card game.  

Use the SOULCALIBUR VI booster packs to train any fighter in the Universal Fighting System and take another step towards becoming the ultimate universal fighter. Players need at least 1 UFS starter deck or turbo deck to use the cards within.

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