UFS – Yu Yu Hakusho CCG, an anime classic takes its place in the Universal Fighting System!

The original spirit detective ‘Rei’-turns to the TCG scene!

Welcome Yu Yu Hakusho CCG!

Hello everyone! Edmund here from Crystalcommerce with a slightly different catalog blog post than usual.

Reviewing products our Crystalcommerce members have been promoting on their stores, and fans purchasing products, amongst all the MTG, Pokemon, Yugioh and Cardfight!! Vanguard fan-fare, it caught my eye to see this vintage anime appear on my radar.

Growing up on Dragon Ball and Saint Seiya, Yu Yu Hakusho was something I just stumbled across, written by the renowned author Yoshihiro Togashi, who would later create Hunter X Hunter.

Compared to other manga/anime at the time, Yu Yu Hakusho really shone with it dark connotations, it’s politically driven plots and morally conflicting antagonists. This all culminated in a fascinating series that remains deep within my memory.

Although there was a CCG in the past that lasted a couple of years, this franchise disappeared until now. It provides me with great joy to see Jasco Games pick this up and incorporate it as part of its UFS family.

Yu Yu Hakusho – Booster Box

Many staples of the anime make it to this CCG, some of the cards we can see below:

Spirit Gun

The Dark Tournament Looms

Storm of Torment

The Toguro Brothers

High Spirit Awareness

Spirit Charged Punch

Hiding in Plain Sight

Launching Whip Strike

Spirit Shotgun

Spiritual Shooting Ring

As it is with the Universal Fighting System, any character from any universe can fight one another! Will Yusuke battle it out with Ryu of Streetfighter? Or will Kuwabara jump in against Megaman? The choice, is yours!

Make sure you click on the products and cards above to see which local game store is housing your product and give Jasco’s UFS a try!

And for those wondering what Jasco has next up their sleeves? There is another anime that you might know of called ‘My Hero Academia’ that is ‘Smashing’ its way out in 2020.

My Hero Academia Collectible Card Game Booster Box

You owe it to yourself to give UFS a try, what other franchises will Jasco surprise us with next!

One again, happy gaming all!

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