Betrayal Booster Box

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Arriving in stores August 1st, 2019!

Introducing Booster Set 1: Betrayal! Increase the power of your army with Legendary Cards, Omega Magics, and Argent Cards!

Betrayal Booster Box

Betrayal Booster Pack

Booster Set 1: Betrayal contains 126 cards including:

  • 13 Argent Rares
  • 18 Super Rares
  • 25 Rares
  • 60 Commons
  • 5 Box Topper Cards
  • 9 Serial Numbered Cards (1-1000)
  • 60 Foil Variants of common cards


Sylphia, Spirit of Air

Silver Watchwoman

Professor Rudy, Magical Engineer

Mei-Yu, Grand Sorceress

Finishing Ray

Bahamute, Dragon Deity

Twilight Knight

Hoenna, Immoral Conjurer

Intro Decks

Intro Deck Display Box

Join the battle with 5 unique Champions as you play through their journey full of struggle and hardship. Form alliances, make enemies, and fight to control the power inside the Argent Tower. Sneak through the shadows with Hoenna, The Immoral Conjurer and her army of golems. Prefer fighting with fire? Align with Dragonholt, the Dracoborg and his army of dragonic warriors. Or cool things off with Jemial, Cryptic Caster and his ocean of magic. No matter what playstyle you prefer, the 2019 Intro Deck: Display Box has something for you.

Expansion Packs

Argent Saga TCG: Generations Expansion Pack 1

Generations Expansion Pack Display Box

Continue exploring the world of Argos with Expansion Pack Generations! Enhance any existing Argent Saga deck with 15 never-before-seen-cards, Five (5) Full-Art Tower Guardians, and five (5) Champions. Expansion Pack 1: Generations contains one (1) of each card, guaranteed. Look out for random Premium Packs containing foil variants of every card!

As war tears apart the landscape, Metaial, the Sealed Celestial awakens, unleashing his power to destroy the world he helped create. Brand new Legendary Shards contain the sealed essence of Spirits, lying dormant until their power is called upon. Each Element has powerful new allies to call upon, such as Fire’s Burning Blitzer, which can take out multiple Towers the same turn it is played! Every deck can find something to reach new heights in Expansion Pack 1: Generations!

*One (1) Expansion Pack Display Box contains six (6) Expansion Packs.

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