Argent Saga TCG – Generations, the first Expansion Pack in this exciting game!

Power up your deck and collection with the game’s first Expansion Pack!

Welcome to Argent Saga TCG: Generations!

Each pack has 15 never before seen cards, a must have for any fan! Also included are 5 Full-Art Tower Guardians and 5 Champions!

Argent Saga TCG: Generations Expansion Pack 1

As a Special note, random packs contain foil variants of every card!

Whats more! Each expansion pack is perfect for Argent Saga fans. They help boost their current starter decks!

Argent Saga TCG: Air Intro Deck

Argent Saga TCG: Dark Intro Deck

Argent Saga TCG: Fire Intro Deck

Argent Saga TCG: Water Intro Deck

Argent Saga TCG: Light Intro Deck

Let’s have a quick look at some of the popular cards in this expansion pack!

Raging Shardbeast

Corona, the Spirit Ruby

Arbor Carbuncle

Gillian, the Witch Queen

Burning Blitzer

Greathawk of Cloudsea

Ergon, the Tragic Gargoyle

Fizzy, the Spirit Sapphire

Some amazon Champions to obtain here, and Legendary Shards to build your deck around! Don’t wait and head down to your local game store to pick up a copy of Generations!

Happy gaming all!

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