Transformers TCG – Blaster vs Soundwave Box, including the 35th Anniversary edition!

Autobots (and / or Decepticons…), roll out to your Local Game Store now!

Battle it out with friends in this special Transformers TCG set, Blaster vs Soundwave!

Blaster vs Soundwave Retail Edition

Whats more! Look out for the 35th Anniversary edition!

Blaster vs Soundwave 35th Anniversary Edition

The Music loving Blaster faces off against the Cassette inspired Soundwave. Which deck will you choose!

Blaster // Communications

Soundwave // Communications

In addition, check out some of these cards from either box! Only at your local game store!

Recover Cassette

Blaster // Communications

Buzzsaw // Spy

Buzzsaw, Ravage, Frenzy Attack!

Daring Counterattack

Eject // Electronic Surveillance

Frenzy // Warrior

Inner Groove

Intercept Communications

Get your exciting Transformers TCG two player starter deck today! And as one old, maybe a little rusty autobot famously said:

“Today, in the name of freedom, we take the TCG battles at our local game stores.” – Optimus Prime (or something along those lines!)

Happy gaming all … and roll out!

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