Argent Saga: A Brand New Trading Card Game Experience!

What is Argent Saga?

Argent Saga is a brand-new trading card game (TCG) from Alter Reality Games (ARG). ARG is known around the world as one of the largest card retail shops and for their Circuit Series of cash tournaments.

Argent Saga was designed by world-renowned Yu-Gi-Oh! player Jeff Jones and Force of Will and Kaijudo champion, Rob Hebert, with art direction by John Kimmel, lore by Ian Spiegel-Blum, and additional assistance from Christopher Medina. Jim McMahan and Brad Hoisington of Alter Reality Games are the masterminds behind the whole project. 

Champion Cards

How is the game played?

In Argent Saga, players take on the role of a Champion who leads an army of Units and casts powerful Spells to destroy their opponent’s five Towers of Power and ultimately taking over the sixth tower, the Argent Tower. To learn the rules, Click Here! 

Spell Cards

What about Organized Play?

Argent Saga: Trading Card Game will be heavily featured at all future ARG Circuit Series events with cash prizes given out for top placement, including a $10,000 Invitational Tournament summer 2019. It’s going to be a great addition to your game store!

Some of the exciting new products hitting stores this summer

How can I highlight the product on my website?

To help your store have a successful launch for Argent Saga and all other major game and hobby releases, CrystalCommerce provides free banners in multiple sizes to prominently display the new products on your website!

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