Top products by revenue:

  1.  Ixalan Booster Box
  2. Hostage Taker
  3. The Scarab God
  4. *Iconic Masters Booster Box*
  5. Neo destiny and Neo Revalation 1st ed Booster Boxes
  6. Vraska, Relic Seeker
  7. Search for Azcanta // Azcanta, the Sunken Ruin
  8. Fatal Push
  9. Iconic Masters Booster Box
  10. Carnage Tyrant

Top product categories by Revenue:

  1.  Ixalan
  2. Board Games
  3. Kaladesh
  4. Amonkhet
  5. Aether Revolt
  6. Hour of Devastation
  7. [CFV] G-BT12 Dragon King’s Awakening (EN)
  8. Modern Masters 2017
  9. Booster Boxes
  10. Pokemon Booster Boxes

Top products by quantity sold:

  1.  Opt
  2. Lightning Strike
  3. Unclaimed Territory
  4. Duress
  5. Rootbound Crag
  6. Treasure Map // Treasure Cove
  7. Fatal Push
  8. Drowned Catacomb
  9. Walk the Plank
  10. Dragonskull Summit

Top product categories by Quantity:

  1.  Ixalan
  2. Amonkhet
  3. Kaladesh
  4. Hour of Devastation
  5. Aether Revolt
  6. [CFV] G-BT12 Dragon King’s Awakening (EN)
  7. Battle for Zendikar
  8. Shadows Over Innistrad
  9. Modern Masters 2017
  10. Eldritch Moon

*Category name has been pulled from the catalog.

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