Sealed Product Spotlight: Antiquities Magic: the Gathering Booster Box (explore what’s inside!)

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It is a time of great peril. Ancient Thran artifacts are resurfacing in tremendous quantities, and brother vies against brother to wield their massively destructive power.

The second Magic expansion, this 100-card set offers the first story supported through both the functionality and the flavor of the cards.
Number of Cards: 100

Antiquities Booster Box

Antiquities Complete Set

Antiquities Booster Pack

Mishra’s Workshop

Mishra’s Factory (Winter)

Mishra’s Factory (Summer)

Mishra’s Factory (Spring)

Mishra’s Factory (Autumn)

Candelabra of Tawnos

Transmute Artifact

Power Artifact


Strip Mine (Tower)

Strip Mine (No Horizon)

Strip Mine (Uneven Horizon)

Strip Mine (Even Horizon)

Tawnos’s Coffin

Argivian Archaeologist

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