Introducing a new TCG to our Crystalcommerce family! Flesh and Blood TCG by Legend Story Studios!

Welcome to Rathe
Choose your Hero, collect your resources and do battle across the Chain Link in this all new TCG!

Flesh and Blood (FAB) is a hero-centric fantasy TCG, designed for constructed, booster draft, and sealed deck tournament play.

Welcome to Rathe Booster Box

Welcome to Rathe Booster Pack

You play as the hero, with many classic fantasy classes to choose from. The class of the hero you choose dictates the cards you can include in your deck.

Each hero has a unique play-style that captures the essence of their class and personality. Eight new heroes will be released each year through core products.

Set in the land of Rathe, the world of Flesh and Blood is populated with complex characters and compelling stories. We are about to embark on an epic new journey, where heroes are forged, and legends are born.

Get started with one of the 4 Hero Decks!

Welcome to Rathe Hero Deck – Bravo, Showstopper

Welcome to Rathe Hero Deck – Dorinthea Ironsong

Welcome to Rathe Hero Deck – Katsu, The Wanderer

Welcome to Rathe Hero Deck – Rhinar, Reckless Rampage

Legendary Story Studios will offer Flesh and Blood organized play programs for retailers in an effort to build play communities.

They are also planning an international tournament circuit, dubbed The Calling, with cash prize pools.

Featuring – ‘Chain Link’ an innovative way of combat in this new TCG!

For our Crystalcommerce members, make sure to create a sealed product type to import this set, please follow the link here for a refresher.

Watch this space for more news on this exciting TCG!

As always, happy gaming all!

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