Dragon Ball Super TCG introduces the Magnificent Collection! Featuring the Fusion Hero and Forsaken Warrior Decks!

Bandai brings out the big guns with these Gogeta and Broly themed decks! Who will be the strongest Saiyan!

Get ready Dragon Ball Super TCG fans! On the 25th October 2019, Bandai unleases their most powerful decks yet, the Magnificent Collection!

A pretty bold name to choose for these two event-like decks, let’s have a quick look at them (and make sure to click on them to find which local game store has them in stock for you!)

Dragon Ball Super – Magnificent Collection – Fusion Hero

Dragon Ball Super – Magnificent Collection – Forsaken Warrior

Each package has their own 51 card deck, 18 brand new promo cards and 5 foil promo cards! (randomly chosen from the 18).

The leader cards in each are actually previous promo cards, but with an alternative Awakened Art!

Gogeta // SS Gogeta, the Unstoppable (Alternate-Art) – P-091 – PR

Broly // Broly, the Awakened Threat (Alternate-Art) – P-092 – PR

Here are some of the top Expansion Rare cards from both decks!

SS Gogeta, All-Out Assault – EX08-04 – EX

Gogeta, a Hero’s Advent – EX07-04 – EX

Son Goten, Strong of Heart – EX08-01 – EX

Super Baby 2, the Malicious Tyrant – EX08-03 – EX

Altered Reality – EX07-05 – EX

Broly, Preparing for Battle – EX07-06 – EX

Combination Attack – EX08-05 – EX

And that’s not all! There are some reprinted cards in these decks too, all with alternate artwork!

Senzu Bean – BT1-053 – PR

North Kai, Keeping Watch – BT5-041 – PR

Gogeta, Hero Revived – BT5-038 – PR

Time Magic – BT5-101 – PR

Adoptive Father Son Gohan – BT4-091 – PR

Broly, Demonic Intimidation – P-110 – PR

Broly, Paralyzing Presence – P-111 – PR

So make sure to teleport to your local game store in an instance and bring a friend! Grab either or both of these decks and begin building the strongest deck ever!

Happy Gaming all!

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