Force of Will – A look back at New Valhalla

One of the most successful and challenging cluster to have occurred in this ever evolving game

The later half of 2018 brought in a wave of opportunity and excitement for Force of Will fans with the company introduce New Valhalla as their cluster.

The first release was a set known as ‘New Dawn Rises’. Alongside this were 5 wonderful (and hard to find) Starter Decks that introduced the new Rune mechanic.

New Dawn Rises – Booster Box

New Dawn Rises – Booster Pack

New Valhalla Entry Set [Fire]

New Valhalla Entry Set [Water]

New Valhalla Entry Set [Light]

New Valhalla Entry Set [Wind]

New Valhalla Entry Set [Darkness]

The set was a real game changer and many fans new and old were immediately drawn back to the game, with exciting cards such as:

Haggith, Angel of Alchemy – NDR-009 – C

Aratron, Angel of Knowledge – NDR-001 – U

Oborozuki – NDR-096 – SR

Black Spot Tiger – NDR-023 – R

Magic Stone of the Hermit – NDR-108 – U

Magic Stone of the Undead – NDR-109 – R

The next set in the series was a love letter for existing players with the return of Alice and Athenia!

The Strangers of New Valhalla – Booster Box

The Strangers of New Valhalla – Booster Pack

Some of the more popular cards include:

Parallel World Schrodinger – SNV-050 – C

Surtr, the Sand Giant – SNV-037 – SR

The Three Kingdoms Partition Plan – SNV-038 – R

Annihilation Dragon – SNV-022 – C

Gaze of the Fire Emperor – SNV-024 – C

Sima Hui, the Crafty Tactician – SNV-036 – U

Next up, was Awakening of the Ancients which saw the return of Kukunochi and Garmheld

Awakening of the Ancients – Booster Box

Awakening of the Ancients – Booster Pack

Now, the company did change hands at this point, but the card philosophy that the previous company was still instilled in this set, with wonderful cards such as the following:

Loki’s Insight – AOA-051 – U

Shu, Ruler of Air – AOA-035 – R

Three Beast conference – AOA-077 – U

Alseid, The Harvester – AOA-081 – U

Ares, Knight God Emperor of the Burial Grounds – AOA-003 – SR

Chronos’ Envoy – AOA-042 – U

Oborozuki, Caller of Gods – AOA-096 – SR

Three Beast Warrior, Tigermi – AOA-080 – R

Spiral of Chaos – AOA-036 – R

And last but not least, the cluster ended with reprint of cards that were in the hard to find starter decks, The Decisive Battle of Valhalla!

The Decisive Battle of Valhalla – Booster Box

The Decisive Battle of Valhalla – Booster Pack

That is just a quick look back at this set, but there will be more to come from Force of Will starting in November with the release of Alice Origins!

Be sure to check out the images above to see which local game store has your product in stock (and ask them to get it in stock if they don’t have it!)

Happy Gaming All!

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