Dragon Ball Super TCG! Series 8 – The age of A.I. is upon us as this Android heavy set unleashes at your local game store!

Goku and the gang face off against these Mechanical nemesis! The Machines arrive in force in this amazing TCG!

Automation is soon to take over at your LGS with the next exciting Dragon Ball Super TCG set, Malicious Machination!

Malicious Machinations Booster Box

Not only can you pick up booster packs, but local game stores also have unique dash packs to hand out, only in store!

Not quite sure on what deck to build? Fear not, as two new pre-built decks will be available to purchase soon! (One starter and one expert deck!)

Dragon Ball Super – Series 8 Starter Deck – Parasitic Overlord

Dragon Ball Super – Series 8 Expert Deck – Android Duality

Each deck has their own unique Leader card and also exclusive cards! Let’s have a look at some of the popular ones!

More details from Malicious Machination will arrive from our future blogs, but until then, make sure to preorder your Dragon Ball Super goodies from your local game stores above!

Happy gaming all!

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