Naruto Boruto Card Game! Play with classic characters from the manga, and the next generation of shinobi!

Engage in legendary ninja battles with Naruto and the gang with the all new Chrono Clash System!

Sailing on the successes of Dragon Ball Super TCG, Bandai introduces their next exciting offering, Naruto Boruto Card Game!

Naruto Boruto Card Game: Naruto Shippuden & Boruto Set

Naruto Boruto Card Game: Naruto & Naruto Shippuden Set

Buying a set will provide you with the cards you and your friends need to build a deck!

What’s more, coming in November, we’ll have the first of two expansion sets for this game!

Naruto Boruto Card Game: Expansion Deck Set 03 – Hokage

Naruto Boruto Card Game: Expansion Deck Set 04 – Master and Student

Get excited once more and make it your ninja mission to pick up a copy at your Local Game Store, dattebayo!

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