The new set arrives this November!
Pick up a starter deck and get a special promo card!

Mark your dates for the 22nd November 2019 as Force of Will releases the first set of the new cluster, Alice Origin!

For this new set, the buy a box promotion will be…

Lenneth, The Priestess of Vell-Savaria – AO1 Buy a Box – JR

Also note, there will be a special promotional card with each starter deck, are you a fan of Ghost in the Shell!

Click on one of the sealed products above and find out which stores are holding prerelease events!

Kusanagi Motoko – SOUVERNIR038 – PR

Let us also have a quick look at the new Starter Deck Rulers!

Faria // Faria – SDAO1-026 – RR

Melgis // Melgis – SDAO1-028 – RR

The cards are still being spoiled, but check out some of the amazin cards in this new set!

Our Crystalcommerce stores will be stocked up with all your Force of Will needs as the release date approaches, make sure you click on the images above to find your local game store!

As an added bonus! Check out this link here for the Force of Will Vite Circuit Tournament Kit! Help your local community grow Force of Will!

Happy gaming everyone!

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