Final Fantasy TCG – A special gift set to celebrate the continued success of this TCG!

A must have for any FFTCG Fan, or a great way to introduce new players to the game!

For the first time ever, Final Fantasy TCG will be releasing a Gift Set for this exciting game!

Final Fantasy TCG Gift Set

Each tin will contain 10 booster packs, 3 from Opus I, 3 from Opus II, 3 from Opus III and 1 from Opus X!

What’s more, as the box art portrays, an exclusive Tifa Full Art Promo card will also be included!

And that is not all! Previously unreleased English versions for Promo cards Y’shtola and Hraesvelgr will also be included in this gift set!

More details are to come for this set, so make sure you get your preorders in as soon as you can by visiting your local game store!

Happy Gaming All!

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