Pokemon TCG – Sword & Shield arrives in 2020!

Introducing new Pokemon, new abilities and new evolutions! Are you ready for the next wave!

The images have been revealed! The next Pokemon Expansion is getting nearer to it’s release date!

Check out the products your local game store will have available very soon!

Sword & Shield – Base Set Booster Box

It’s dangerous to go out there alone! Choose a starter deck to take on your travels!

Make sure you check out the prerelease events at your local game store!

Sword & Shield – Base Set Build and Battle Box

Choose your favorite Elite Trainer Box, will it be Zacian or Zamazenta!

Sword & Shield – Base Set Elite Trainer Box – Zacian

Sword & Shield – Base Set Elite Trainer Box – Zamazenta

This expansion is going to be huge, dare I say, GIGANTAMAX! But more of that to come in future blogs 🙂

Bookmark our website and check in with your local game store today!

Happy Pokemon Training everyone!

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