Chessex! – The next group of Lab Dice Colors!

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These dice are limited! Find them at your local game store as soon as possible!

Exciting news! Chessex are releasing the next batch of Lab Dice!

These are brand new and exciting Gemini colors! Check out the Luminary effect on two of these colors!

7-Die Set: Gemini Copper-Turquoise/White with Luminary – CHX30019

7-Die Set: Gemini Mint Green-White/Orange – CHX30020

7-Die Set: Gemini Orange-Purple/White – CHX30021

7-Die Set: Gemini Red-White/Blue – CHX30022

7-Die Set: Gemini Gel Green-Pink/Blue with Luminary – CHX30023

7-Die Set: Gemini Red-Yellow/Gold – CHX30024

Make sure you enquire with your local game store for these dice!

Happy Gaming All!

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