Hello members! We hope you are having a wonderful week of Game & Hobby Sales!

Our engineering team has deployed a high-priority bug fix: the reCAPTCHA for customer registration has been fixed!

reCAPTCHA is fixed and ready for use!

This bug had prevented the reCAPTCHA from working, and members were forced to turn it off to allow their customers to create an account and check out. The side effect of turning off the reCAPTCHA was that some customer accounts were created by bots. This caused your customer list to have some erroneous entries in it.

When enabled, the reCAPTCHA was preventing customer accounts from being created.

Now that this is fixed, you can safely turn on the reCAPTCHA service and protect your customer list from having Spam/Bot accounts added to it.

Now that this service is working again, now is a good time to audit your customer list for any incorrect entries, and remove them. Here is how to access your customer list!

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