Engineering Update: eBay Good til’ Cancelled issue

Hello members! We have some exciting news to share regarding an important fix for our eBay integration.

Previously, when listing an item via the eBay integration within CrystalCommerce for 30 days the item would be sometimes be listed as Good til’ Cancelled. We heard your feedback on this important issue, and our engineers were able to develop a fix.

Now, when posting an item the system will correctly adhere to your 30 day timeframe and not list the item as Good til’ Cancelled!

If you are not yet a seller on eBay and interested in selling on this platform, check out this help article on how to get started.

Our next fix for eBay is already in development! Currently, Endicia sends a phony tracking number on certain shipping options to eBay. This phony tracking number is presented to your customers on eBay, and is causing a bad customer service experience. We are excited to share this fix with our members soon!

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