Calling All Fans to Join the Armada of Allies – Launch Your Personalized Affiliate Marketplace for FREE

Many stores, and many people are suffering financial hardship right now…

We asked ourselves, what can we do to create a Win x Win x Win outcome for everyone? The answer is empowering you to have your own affiliate marketplace with the ability to earn income forever by helping stores promote their products around the world.

Help us promote ARMADA OF ALLIES. Register here to launch your own no-inventory business to earn 5% of a referred sale and grow an affiliate business within the game and hobby industry! Your community needs you! Share this with anyone who needs help today.

You may now launch (at no cost to you) a fully personalized live-inventory marketplace for any game and hobby products. We have every game and accessory in our game catalog, and now you can earn 5% of any sales received from participating local game stores. Help fans online find where to shop, and avoid giving all the money to Amazon.

Check out our demo sites to see what yours could look like!
See All of Magic: the Gathering Zendikar Rising
See all of Pokemon Darkness Ablaze

Join us in our humanitarian mission to protect & grow the game and hobby community! Share with your friends who need a new way to make ends meet!

Today more than ever our friends need new ways to earn an income, and what better way than to celebrate our favorite hobbies at the same time by share comments and thoughts on new and rare games on social media to earn 5% of any sales. We are uniting the fans of the Game and Hobby industry by introducing a powerful new Win*Win*Win economic opportunity to connect our community and be rewarded!

Game Stores and Publishers need help from the global Fan community to drive more sales directly to stores and not to Amazon. Now is the time to start!

Now you can create your own incredible content on social media and link to your own branded marketplace powered by CrystalCommerce with all the games and accessories your audience will love!

We empower you to convert your audience’s interest into sales that go directly to stores and away from Amazon. We could not sit by and watch any longer as our local community stores are displaced and devoured. Now Fans have the power they need to earn money doing what they love, playing and reviewing games and receiving economic incentive to help other fans find great deals from within hundreds of local stores.

Since we help with the live inventory and ecommerce websites from 500+ Local Games Stores we are in a unique position to help and we took decisive action. Local stores are hungry for more referred sales, and they need more strong allies. So we have created this revolutionary new opportunity for you to earn revenue by building a strong brand and a business connecting fans with the stores who have these specialty items in stock now.

Keep the wealth within our community, share the love, and share this message with fans worldwide so that we can launch thousands of niche marketplaces!

Get yourself connected to twitter, facebook, youtube, twitch, instagram, and blogs with great content from you which can now links to your own personalized marketplace to drive recurring affiliate revenues to you, while helping your favorite local stores, and supporting the amazing publishers of the games you love.

There is no signup cost & no monthly cost to launch within the Armada of Allies.

Stores will appear as they opt into the program by agreeing to pay out 5% of a referred sale to the Super Fan Affiliate who referred them the sale. CrystalCommerce only makes a flat 2.5% for online sales, so the LGS pays only 7.5% for the new sale and retains all the direct customer information because the order was placed right from their website.

We needed to add more value to game stores, we needed to give fans a way to earn income and create more entrepreneurship opportunities during this economic crisis.

This is our plan to launch an Armada of Allies to save local game and hobby stores, while selling more games to fans, and creating new businesses within our industry aligned with saving local game stores and their favorite Publishers who are all suffering financially.

Click the card below to see Product Finder in action!

Nissa of Shadowed Boughs

Nissa of Shadowed Boughs – Borderless

Jace, Mirror Mage

Jace, Mirror Mage – Borderless

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