Our first 2021 Crystalcommerce Roadmap Meeting with our Members! 13th January 2021

Listening to our members wants and needs as well as more on Product Finder!

Kicking off 2021 with another Roadmap meeting!

We are joined by Collector’s Cache!, Aether Vault Games and Gaming Unplugged as we help answer their questions and add items to our engineers’ queue!

A direct link to this video can be found right here!

Dan also talks more about Product Finder and helps to show off items in our member’s stores showing up on the exchange.crystalcommerce.com website!

These sessions are held every Wednesday at 2pm PST via this zoom link! Make sure to let us know YOUR feedback and opinions on the future of your platform!

Note, this same Zoom link also takes you to our Daily Support Session at 11am PST, where you can speak to the Crystalcommerce Support team for any queries you may have!

Looking forward to seeing you in our next meeting!

Happy Gaming All!

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