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Recently, Turbo Dork announced their Expansion Tray 4, containing four new TurboShifts and four new metallics. Along with this these new paints, a couple changes are coming to the line.

New SKUs
Turbo Dork is changing all their SKUs to bring them more in line with the industry standard—and to just plain make them easier to input. This Turbo Dork SKU conversion sheet for Excel will make it easy for you to reference and swap out the old codes for the new.

Freeze-Resistant Paint
Turbo Dork has spent all summer reworking their mix to make it more freeze resistant, and by October, all Turbo Dork paints shipped from them will be made with their new recipe. This recipe will remain fully liquid down to 10F/−12C—and even if it gets below that, it will thaw back out and still be usable.

Emerald Nightmare Replaced by Black ICE
Unfortunately, Turbo Dork is unable to produce Emerald Nightmare in their new freeze-resistant mix. At the end of September, they are retiring Emerald Nightmare and replacing it with Black ICE, a new black metallic. Black ICE will be launching with the same timing of the Expansion Tray 4 and will be taking the place of Emerald Nightmare on the retail rack trays going forward.

Black ICE Metallic Acrylic Paint 20ml Bottle

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