New Video Series Kickoff – CrystalCommerce Updates 2021 – Episode 1​

New Video Series Kickoff - CrystalCommerce Updates 2021 - Episode 1

⯌  Episode 1 of our re-vamped CCNN member update series.
The goal is to keep our members informed, engaged, and excited for what’s to come.

Video contents:
  • 00:00 – Intro
  • 00:29 – Some new project management processes
  • 01:00 – What’s an agile workflow?
  • 02:46 – Overview and explanation of our roadmap
  • 03:05 – Legacy vs New System
  • 04:28 – How to be involved via the Ideas Portal
  • 05:25 – What to expect in future updates

We’re increasing communication on the progress of both our legacy and new platforms. We’re aware this has been a point of confusion and frustration thus far, so our goal is to improve your understanding of what we’re working on and how it all connects. We also want to get you involved in our processes – watch the video for more info.

This new video series will mostly be about overall roadmap progress, features, and user experience. Since the focus of this specific series is on positive improvements and building upward and forward, we are leaving out discussions of support issues, bugs, system outages, etc. 


The more views and comments that we get, the more frequently we can do future updates and show you sneak peeks at current and future user experiences. Please help us get as many member views on this video as possible, and lots of collaborative comments and engagement. Thank you!


See the knowledge base article with links to all current portals

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please avoid using the old/existing member ideas portal, since we are trying to separate ideas into groups as shown below, to make it easier to manage.

Video credit: Bug icon made by Good Ware from

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