Dragon Ball Super Card Game Fusion World: Awakened Pulse

The recently launched Dragon Ball TCG, “DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Fusion World,” has made its way to retail outlets!

Experience the thrill of Fusion World, an exhilarating card game where you have the power to shift the dynamics instantly by awakening your Leader Card. The intensity of battles escalates, mirroring the excitement found in the original Dragon Ball series!

In addition, this set boasts an extensive collection of 140 cards, featuring an impressive array of eight distinct Leader Cards. Don’t miss the chance to explore the set and discover rare Alternative-Art cards that add an extra layer of excitement!

Booster Box Set 1: Awakened Pulse

Awakened Pulse Booster Box – Awakened Pulse

Booster Pack Set 1: Awakened Pulse

Awakened Pulse Booster Pack – Awakened Pulse

Embark on the thrilling adventure as the latest battle commences! Join the action and immerse yourself in the fight within DRAGON BALL SUPER CARD GAME Fusion World!

Happy Gaming!

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