Life in Reterra: Crafting a New World from the Ashes – Build, Strategize, and Conquer in this Thrilling (Re)Building Game!

In a world reshaped by time, where the remnants of the past are nothing but overgrown memories, emerges a beacon of hope and ingenuity – Reterra! Welcome to a universe where resilience knows no bounds, and the power to forge a new way of living lies in your hands.

Life in Reterra: A (Re)Building Adventure

Picture this: a board game that transcends the ordinary, a game where each player becomes the architect of their destiny. This is Reterra, a (re)building game that invites you to shape the landscape of a post-apocalyptic world and construct a community that stands the test of time.

Setting the Stage

As you step into the realm of Reterra, the first choice is yours – select from three captivating themed building sets or create your own, each comprising five building cards and their corresponding building tiles. The canvas is yours, and the possibilities are endless.

The Foundation: Land Tiles and Gears

Every player starts with a single square land tile, a canvas waiting to be transformed. Divided into a 2×2 grid, each space harbors one of five terrain types, a gear icon, or one of four relic types. Your hand holds three more land tiles, and five are revealed face up – the foundation of your community.

Strategic Moves: Building Your Community

On your turn, the choice is yours – pick a land tile and add it to your community, a space that can expand to four tiles on each side. The gears on your tiles unlock possibilities; will you place an inhabitant or construct a building? But beware, every part of the building must be supported by a gear, and all gears must rest on the same terrain.

Life in Reterra

Unlocking Power: Building Cards and Subsequent Turns

With a building in play, you wield the power of its card, a force to be reckoned with. Utilize this power on each subsequent turn – place relic tokens, introduce more inhabitants, disrupt opponents’ relics, or score big for dominating terrains and buildings.

The Grand Finale: Scoring and Victory

The climax arrives when everyone has sixteen tiles in their community. It’s time to tally the points, earned through blocks of terrain, encircled energy sources, inhabitants, relics, and buildings. The architect with the highest score emerges victorious, a true master of (re)building in Reterra!

Embark on Your Journey in Reterra Today!

Dive into the immersive world of Reterra, where the thrill of strategic (re)building awaits. Unleash your creativity, devise cunning strategies, and secure your place as the visionary leader in this post-apocalyptic saga. The world may be overgrown with memories, but in Reterra, the future is yours to construct! Are you ready for the challenge?

Happy Gaming!

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