Embrace the Tidal Surge: Rise of the Floodborn

Rise of the Floodborn invites you into a captivating world where the elements come alive with a human touch. As the waters surge and mysteries unfold, follow the journey of characters who grapple with their own inner tides, forging connections, facing challenges, and ultimately discovering the strength within as they navigate the enchanting waters of self-discovery and growth. This tale weaves a tapestry of humanity against the backdrop of a rising flood, reminding us that in the face of adversity, the human spirit can truly rise above like a resilient tide.

Arthur – Wizard’s Apprentice – 35/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Basil – Great Mouse Detective – 138/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Dr. Facilier – Fortune Teller – 79/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Grand Pabbie – Oldest and Wisest – 148/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Lady Tremaine – Imperious Queen – 110/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Mickey Mouse – Friendly Face – 13/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Peter Pan’s Shadow – 55/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

The Queen – Commanding Presence – 26/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Tiana – Celebrating Princess – 196/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Yzma – Scary Beyond All Reason – 60/204 – Super Rare – Cold Foil

Dive into the extraordinary world of Disney’s Lorcana: Rise of the Floodborn, where the currents of courage, friendship, and self-discovery converge. In this captivating tale, let the magic of resilience and unity wash over you, leaving a timeless imprint on your heart. A flood of emotions, an ocean of adventure – immerse yourself in the enchantment that lingers long after the final wave.

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