Looking for an exciting English version of the One Piece card game? Look no further than the “Structure Deck Zoro and Sanji ST-12”!

Announcing the arrival of an exciting new pre-constructed deck showcasing the beloved characters Zoro and Sanji in One Piece Card Game Structure Deck Zoro And Sanji ST-12 – ENGLISH!

This deck comprises entirely new cards and revolves around the dynamic duo of Zoro and Sanji, with appearances from various popular and lesser-known characters from their world.

Prepare for the groundbreaking “Zoro x Sanji” hybrid leader card, blending green and blue elements for a fresh gameplay experience!

Enhance your strategies with cards from the 6th Booster Pack, perfectly complementing the green and blue cards in this deck. Combine both packs for an expanded array of tactical possibilities!

Here are some of the cards you can get from this exciting deck:

Dracule Mihawk – ST12-003 – SR – Foil

Yosaku & Johnny – ST12-006 – C

Patty & Carne – ST12-015 – C

Charlotte Pudding – ST12-012 – C

Kuina – ST12-002 – C

Zeff – ST12-013 – C

Roronoa Zoro & Sanji – ST12-001 – L – Foil

Begin an unforgettable journey alongside “Zoro” and “Sanji” with this epic Starter Deck. Dive into the thrill of discovering uncharted territories, confronting legendary foes, and forging your own path to greatness. Embrace the ideals of friendship, courage, and strategic prowess as you wield the extraordinary power of “Zoro x Sanji” and unravel the limitless potential of this outstanding Starter Deck! Are you prepared to meet the challenge and etch your own tale of legend? The seas are ready to heed your call!

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