Welcome to the vibrant and exhilarating frontier world of Thunder Junction, where you’re invited to embody the outlaw spirit, orchestrate daring heists, and ride off into the sunset. Set to debut on April 19th, Outlaws of Thunder Junction signifies Magic’s first venture into the Western genre, featuring high-stakes gameplay, remnants of the Phyrexian invasion, and an evolving storyline centered on the mysterious Omenpaths.

The Omenpaths have opened up, drawing in a crowd of fortune-seekers eager to embrace the outlaw life. Oko, renowned as the most notorious outlaw, is rallying a crew of the Multiverse’s most notorious figures to orchestrate a grand-scale heist. Within this guide, you’ll discover comprehensive details on Outlaws of Thunder Junction, encompassing all the currently unveiled cards.

Here are some of the Outlaws of Thunder Junction sets that are going to be available in Play and Collector Boosters:

Outlaws of Thunder Junction – Play Booster Display Case

Outlaws of Thunder Junction – Bundle Case

Outlaws of Thunder Junction – Collector Booster Display Case

Outlaws of Thunder Junction – Prerelease Pack

Outlaws of Thunder Junction: Commander – Set of 4 Decks

Make a note on your calendars, partners, as the showdown commences on April 12 with Prerelease events hosted at participating Wizards Play Network stores. Following that, the official release unfolds on April 19, inviting players to saddle up and plunge into the thrilling world of Thunder Junction. Pre-release events present an opportunity for players to acquire the latest cards, experiment with the mechanics, and vie for victory in a series of exhilarating tournaments.

As the sun dips below the horizon of Thunder Junction, a new era in Magic: The Gathering history dawns. With its captivating theme, inventive mechanics, and iconic characters, Outlaws of Thunder Junction assures an unforgettable odyssey into the heart of the Wild West. So rally your gang, polish your spurs, and brace yourselves for adventure, as the outlaws ride in, forever changing the landscape of Thunder Junction.

Happy gaming!

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