Experience a thrilling adventure as you travel through space and time in the world of Magic: The Gathering’s Doctor Who

Let’s go back to one of the exhilarating voyage across time and space as the Magic: The Gathering expansion, Doctor Who, transports players into the iconic universe of the beloved radio and television series. Serving as one of the installment in the Universes Beyond series, which seamlessly integrates cherished characters and narratives from various films, TV series, and games into the Magic: The Gathering realm, Doctor Who guarantees to enrich Magic’s ever-expanding multiverse with four innovative Commander decks and an array of 100 new cards. Additionally, reprints featured in this set boast fresh artwork inspired by the captivating lore of Doctor Who. This fusion of beloved narratives with an adored game assures an unparalleled Magic: The Gathering encounter.


Doctor Who incorporates Saga enchantment cards, which were initially introduced in the Dominaria set. These cards operate on a narrative-driven mechanic where players accumulate Lore counters over turns, leading to the activation of various effects. In the context of Doctor Who, these Saga cards enable players to revisit memorable moments from the series such as The Parting of the Ways, City of Death, or The Eleventh Hour. Not only do these cards provide strategic advantages, but they also vividly recreate beloved Doctor Who narratives for players to immerse themselves in.

The Parting of the Ways

City of Death

The Eleventh Hour

In Doctor Who, several fresh mechanics and abilities have been introduced or revamped. The Doctor’s Companion mechanic functions as a variation of the Partner ability, permitting players to have two Commanders, provided one of them is the Doctor. A novel Time Travel mechanic allows players to manipulate time counters on cards. The introduction of the Paradox ability word initiates effects triggered by casting spells from locations other than one’s hand. Additionally, the Villainous Choice mechanic presents a modal effect compelling opponents to select between two adverse outcomes. With these innovative features, Doctor Who not only offers an engaging experience for fans of the series but also provides a compelling option for Magic enthusiasts seeking potent new cards to enhance their decks, including additions such as the Wedding of River Song, the Thirteenth Doctor, and Missy.

Wedding of River Song

The Thirteenth Doctor


There are also preconstructed Commander Decks, each offering a different gameplay experience including The Tenth Doctor, Davros, Dalek Creator, and Sarah Jane Smith.

The Tenth Doctor

Davros, Dalek Creator

sarah jane smith

Doctor Who stands out as one of the most prominent sci-fi franchises in history. Considering the multitude of extraordinary adventures the Doctor embarks on, its integration into Magic: The Gathering promises an uncommon and thrilling addition. With such a unique blend of elements, what aspect of the Doctor Who set are you particularly enthusiastic about?

Happy gaming!

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