Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Display Structure Deck Revamped: Fire Kings (Reprint)

Establish your status as a top-tier Duelist with the core booster from the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME (TCG), Legacy of Destruction!

Relive unforgettable moments from the emotional final Duel between Yugi Muto and Atem with updated versions of Silent Magician and Silent Swordsman. Discover a new monster featuring all three of the original Gadget trio and new cards like Card of Sanctity and Ties of the Brethren, showcasing these new monsters and their bonds. Be on the lookout for an all-new version of Gandora the Dragon of Destruction, capable of destroying and banishing all other cards on the field then Special Summoning a monster from your Deck.

Trident Dragion first appeared in Raging Battle in 2009, and now, in Legacy of Destruction, a new FIRE Dragon theme inspired by this powerful Synchro Monster debuts. Fill your field with FIRE Dragon monsters to unleash relentless attacks and perform Synchro Summons during the Battle Phase! You can swiftly end Duels by summoning this theme’s massive Dragon Synchro Monsters from the Graveyard whenever three or more attacks have been declared!

Legacy of Destruction 1st Edition Booster Box

The strategy debuted in Phantom Nightmare with a re-imagining of the classic Ritual Monster, Skull Guardian. In Legacy of Destruction, a new awe-inspiring version of the Ritual Monster Saffira, Queen of Dragons, joins the fray, along with a brand-new Continuous Spell Card that recycles your cards, enables further Ritual Summons, and empowers the monsters you Ritual Summon with it, shielding them from being destroyed by battle!

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