Cardfight!! Vanguard is moving forward to the next phase of the Standard format!

We’re introducing a new ability type called ‘Divine Skill’! These unique abilities can only be activated once per fight across all your cards, but they grant your units a powerful effect that can dramatically shift the course of the game in your favor!

Fated One of Unparalleled, Varga Dragres – DZ-BT01/001EN – RRR

Fated One of Miracles, Rezael – DZ-BT01/010EN – RRR

In DZ-Booster Pack 01, players will find a new set of generic cycle cards! By discarding these cards when riding from the ride deck or placing them on the guardian circle, you can pay either Counter-Blast 1 or Energy-Blast 3 to draw a card. These cards also have a secondary ability with the same cost requirements, which can be activated if you persona rode that turn. Similar to the cyclers from D-Booster Pack 10, these new cards are essential for maintaining card advantage in many decks!

Next, unveil the splendor of the Fated One units with their unique SEC rarity! These elusive cards feature full art displays, nation colors, Fated One emblems, and custom kanji, making them highly sought after!

Fated One of Unparalleled, Varga Dragres – DZ-BT01/SEC01EN – SEC

Fated One of Guiding Star, Welstra “Blitz Arms” – DZ-BT01/SEC02EN – SEC

Fated One of Miracles, Rezael – DZ-BT01/SEC03EN – SEC

Fated One of Ever-changing, Krysrain – DZ-BT01/SEC04EN – SEC

Last but not least, we have the DSR rarity for ‘Fated One of Miracles, Rezael’! Illustrated by CLAMP, this card features our titular protagonist from CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD Divinez, Akina Myodo, standing tall with his avatar Rezael, who protects him like a guardian angel. If you want to enhance your Rezael deck, this unique card is a must-have!

Fated One of Miracles, Rezael – DZ-BT01/DSR01EN – DSR

Happy gaming!

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