Discover the finest new Fated cards and more from Cardfight!! Vanguard “Illusionless Strife”

Illusionless Strife is set to revolutionize Cardfight!! Vanguard, bringing with it a wave of powerful cards from the Divinez anime series, exciting new ride lines, and innovative designs. This expansion continues the trend of each release raising the stakes. In this article, we’ll delve into some of the most sought-after cards, including potential meta game-changers and highly desirable collector’s items.

Showcasing cards that appear at the climax of the CARDFIGHT!! VANGUARD ‘Illusionless Strife’ animation

Today’s Selfie, Freydis – DZ-BT02/FFR18EN – FFR

Today’s Selfie♡, Freydis, captures a charming slice of life moment that Kyouka players are excited about. As a fellow enthusiast of Lyrical Monasterio, I can assure you it’s worth the attention, and you should definitely consider getting your own selfie today.

Abomination of Impending Karma – DZ-BT02/FFR14EN – FFR

Visually, this monstrosity leaps off the card, and once you recover from the shock, you’ll need to confront the card’s impact! If Zorga decks are set to rise in popularity (more on that shortly), this abomination will play a significant role. Players are already speculating about its potential, and it certainly seems deserving of the hype. It’s definitely exciting if you manage to pull it.

Fated One of Taboo, Zorga Nadir – DZ-BT02/FFR13EN – FFR

Regarding Zorga speculation, Fated One of Taboo, Zorga Nadir excels with aquatic horrors. Alchemagic is exceptionally powerful, and with support from cards like the aforementioned Abomination, I am confident that Zorga will be significant in the upcoming meta.

Knight of Bow Streaks, Nilberis – DZ-BT02/FFR11EN – FFR

Knight of Bow Streaks, Nilberis not only aids in drawing more cards but also sets up future plays based on your needs. If you don’t like the top card you see, you can send it to the bottom and hope for a more valuable card next time.

Battle Monk of Raging Flames, Rokusei – DZ-BT02/FFR03EN – FFR

The Battle Monk of Raging Flames, Rokusei, can disrupt your opponent’s ability to intercept, significantly weakening their defensive options for the turn. It’s no wonder that many players are eager to use this card to frustrate their opponents.

Great Sickle of White Flash, Baldareid – DZ-BT02/FFR09EN – FFR

Great Sickle of White Flash, Baldareid takes this concept to the next level. Digging five cards deep into your deck to find exactly what you need surpasses mere card drawing, and this doesn’t even consider the card’s combat potential.

Fated One of Zero, Blangdmire – DZ-BT02/FFR04EN – FFR

Fated One of Zero, Blangdmire has intrigued me with its binding mechanics. Although it requires some effort to fully stock your bind zone (which is no small feat), the reward is substantial. I am excited to use this card to tackle various challenges in the future, and you should be too!

Loving Pink, Francette – DZ-BT02/FFR17EN – FFR

Adorable character of Loving Pink, Francette not only boosts her value with her charming appearance but also enhances the card’s potential power. It seems everyone adores a cute mermaid, and Francette leverages this appeal alongside strong synergies in Krysrain decks. Her versatile first ability also makes her a solid choice in other LM strategies. This enchanting songstress is sure to make an impact, so I suggest picking her up before she becomes a costly acquisition.

Clerical Star Demonic Lady, Bifrons – DZ-BT02/FFR06EN – FFR

Clerical Star Demonic Lady, Bifrons, represents the latest powerhouse entering Dark States, designed to deliver substantial results. Its ability to manipulate the soul while assisting in card acquisition hits the mark precisely where you want it. Excluding the top card on this list, I strongly believe that Bifrons will have the most significant impact overall.

Happy gaming!

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