Essential Cards from Digimon Card Game EX06: Infernal Ascension!

The Digimon Card Game Infernal Ascension (EX-06) takes players on an exciting adventure through the darker regions of the Digital World. With a malevolent theme, it introduces new demonic Digimon, enticing players with their powerful abilities. The set combines strategy and mystery, pushing players to master the darkness within to secure victory.

RagnaLoardmon ACE – EX6-011 – SR – Foil

RagnaLoardmon has been an underdog archetype for most of its existence. Despite the Digimon Card Game being only four years old, this once-promising warrior is now getting its second revamped playstyle. In its initial form from Special Release 1.5, it was a single-pile deck centered on providing inherited abilities to RagnaLoardmon.

UltimateChaosmon – EX6-062 – SR – Foil

With sufficient setup, UltimateChaosmon becomes a formidable force, capable of dismantling your opponent’s entire board and security without interruption.

Diaboromon – EX6-043 – SR – Alternate Art – Foil

Diaboromon makes a triumphant return in this set with a powerful new line culminating in an incredible SR card. Its abilities combine the strengths of Diaboromon’s BT5 and EX01 versions, but with significant upgrades. This new iteration provides everything the deck needs, reliably spawning tokens and enhancing their utility by making them both blockers and efficient attackers with Jamming.

Lilithmon – EX6-057 – SR – Foil

Lilithmon’s role is to control the board by delaying the deletion of your opponent’s Digimon and protecting itself. It can stay on the field by deleting any level 5 or lower Digimon, including your opponent’s, if it would otherwise be removed.

Lucemon: Chaos Mode – EX6-054 – SR – Foil

Lucemon: Chaos Mode often takes on the role of the true leader of the Seven Great Demon Lords, and this new card shows why. Despite being a level 5 Digimon, Lucemon boasts a 13000 DP statline and devastating effects, rivaling its level 6 counterparts.

Mastemon ACE – EX6-029 – SR – Foil

Mastemon ACE arrives with the Blast DNA Digivolution ability, just like RagnaLoardmon ACE. This forces your opponent to be extremely cautious when attacking, as they could trigger an unexpected Digivolution into this Digimon, which can both revive an angel or demon and place any of your opponent’s Digimon onto their security. This is an exceptional form of removal with very few counters.

Dominimon – EX6-030 – SR – Foil

Dominimon is arguably the best level 6 angel Digimon to deploy early in the game. With cards like BT16 MagnaAngemon and the Yellow Vaccine engine, you can summon it swiftly. Dominimon pairs exceptionally well with previous angelic Digimon that focus on reducing your security and gaining advantages.

Cherubimon ACE – EX6-035 – SR – Alternate Art – Foil

Cherubimon ACE stands out among the new ACE Digimon, being an exceptional, versatile option that can be incorporated into any yellow or green deck.

Ogudomon – EX6-073 – SEC – Textured – Foil

Ogudomon, the amalgamation of every Demon Lord, fittingly possesses apocalyptic effects, including one of the best mass removal abilities in the game. Once fully loaded with enough differently-named Demon Lords, it can decimate your opponent’s field and security with seven deletions. If any of these deletions don’t destroy anything, you will instead trash an opponent’s security.

Happy gaming!

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